Surat: ST depot filled with mud, crane had to be called to remove 5 buses


Surat’s ST bus depot has been submerged in mud due to heavy rains. Metro work is going on near ST Bus Depot near Surat station. Due to the work of Metro, heaps of mud were formed. Due to the rain, these heaps have turned into mud. Some buses also got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out with the help of cranes.

Buses pulled out by crane

Around 5 buses got stuck there as Surat ST bus depot turned into mud. These buses were pulled out by cranes. The parking capacity of this bus depot is 150 to 200 buses. At present, the bus drivers and the employees working there are also getting troubled due to the mud.

The maintenance ramp is also full of mud

An employee working in the bus depot told that at this time the Surat depot has turned into mud. About 1 feet of mud has accumulated in the bus depot, due to which they have to pass. All the buses are maintained and repaired in this bus depot. But due to this condition of the bus depot, now the work of maintenance and repair of buses has also been disrupted. The maintenance ramp was also filled with mud.

Representations given but no solution

It was further stated that during the operation of the metro train running near the bus depot, piles of soil were placed. The contractor was repeatedly informed in writing to remove this pile of soil before the rainy season. He also informed the top officials of the metro rail project in writing, but they turned a deaf ear. As a result, such a situation arose in Surat after four days of heavy rains.

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