Surat: Teachers informed people about government schools through loudspeakers in the surrounding areas.


Very noble work is being done by the teachers of Municipal Primary Education Committee School No. 222. Parents are being informed about the facilities provided to the children by the Municipal Primary Education Committee. Instead of paying hefty fees in private schools, propaganda is being done to take advantage of government schools.

Awareness of school environment by teachers

Actually, the opinion of government school teachers is often not good among parents. But employees who do their duty honestly can also perform well and help others. One such example is being provided by the teachers of Marathi school. As soon as the school starts, for the last several years, these teachers and employees of the school go among the poor and middle class people around their school and inform them about the education system of government schools and the plans of the government. Education is also being given very well in government schools. Don’t insist on sending your children to private schools by drowning in debt because free government schools give very good education to children. A unique effort is being made to spread this kind of public awareness. In which teachers and other employees are also getting success to some extent.

use of loudspeakers and pamphlets

The teacher is trying to make his voice known to all. People are being given information about the government school by roaming around the streets through loudspeakers. In the field of education, government schemes are talked about through loudspeakers so that maximum number of people can be reached. How education is imparted in the school has been highlighted in detail. People are also being made aware of how attention is being paid to inculcate values ​​in children and provide them education in a modern way. Pamphlets giving information about the school are also distributed.

Parents unaware of government school facilities

The school teacher said, we have been trying this kind of thing for many years. I and the other teachers on my staff go out to the school vicinity at 7:30 in the morning. My experience so far has been that parents do not have much knowledge about the facilities available in government schools. What a good work the government is doing for girl child education. What schemes have been started by the government to provide primary education and how are the students getting its benefits? Education has become commercialized in private schools. Poor and middle class people find it very difficult to send their children to private schools. Many parents send their children to private schools by paying hefty fees to get good education, but sometimes the results are not good. On the other hand, the economic burden is also increasing.

Parents allowed to go to government schools

He further said, I also appeal to those poor and middle class parents to visit government schools near us as well as their homes, get information about day to day activities and how children are taught. and then decide where you should base your school. It is also not right not to go to government school just with a biased mindset. In our experience there are many such parents, but the people around are very happy with this effort of ours. When the school starts, even before taking admission in a private school, we try to get the children around us to study in our school so that there is no financial burden on them and the child gets good education and culture.

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