Surat: Two Bangladeshi girls kept in women’s shelter escaped under mysterious circumstances


Two Bangladeshi girls, who were illegally brought to India for prostitution from Bangladesh and released from a spa by the police, created a stir after they fled from the Women’s Protection Home on Ghoddod Road. At present, both the absconding girls have been captured in CCTV.

Didn’t even go to eat to run away

The incident took place on Wednesday around 1 pm. In the Women’s Protection Home, every girl is kept on her first floor. At mealtime everyone is taken to another room. All the girls had gone to eat, but these two Bangladeshi girls stayed there showing reluctance to have breakfast.

kitchen window grill found broken

After some time when other women and employees returned, both of them were missing. The entire Women Protection Home was investigated but many could not be found. During the closing of the main door, how the two girls fled in the presence of the watchman ahead, the grill of the rear kitchen window was found to be broken.

escaped by sliding down from the grill

Both the girls got out of this grill and ran towards the adjacent municipality and park. The whole incident has been captured in CCTV, in which it is seen that both the girls took advantage of the loneliness and broke the grill and ran down, before that there was also a few minutes of Reiki.

she fled before being deported

The police launched an investigation following reports that the two girls had absconded even before returning to Bangladesh. The convoy of Umra police station reached the spot. Police has started further investigation on the basis of CCTV.

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