Surat: Water level started rising due to new income in Ukai Dam


Heavy rains continued for the fourth consecutive day in South Gujarat including Surat. Due to heavy rains in all the five districts, many areas and roads were again waterlogged. People’s lives have become chaotic. The administration has become alert due to heavy rains ranging from two inches to nine inches. Bardoli, Mahuva and Palsana in Surat district received four to eight inches of rain. The condition of the people in these three tehsils has worsened due to submergence of internal roads and bridges.

Navsari district neighboring with Surat district has received heavy rains. Four to five inches of rain has been recorded in all the tehsils. Tapi district also received two and a half inches to nine inches of rain, while Dang district received five inches of rain. Talking about Surat city, it has rained heavily from Friday morning till afternoon. The highest rainfall has occurred in Varachha. Till 12 noon, 54 mm in Central Zone, 69 mm in Varachha A Zone, 81 mm in Varachha B Zone, 48 mm in Rander Zone, 62 mm in Katargam Zone, 41 mm in Udhna A Zone, Udhna. Zone B received 69 mm of rain. rain and zone eight received 51 mm of rain.

Revenue of 11 thousand cusecs of water in Ukai dam

Along with heavy rains in Tapi district and upper areas, new rain water has also started coming in Ukai Dam. A slight increase in the level of Ukai dam was recorded at 8 am today, at 2 pm the water level of the dam was recorded at 308.56 feet and inflow of 11,685 cusecs of water was recorded in the dam. While 600 cusecs discharge has been recorded. With the onset of monsoon, Ukaidem, the lifeline for the people of South Gujarat, has started receiving new rainwater income. The danger level of Ukai Dam is 345 feet, now the dam is very empty.

96 routes closed in Surat, Tapi and Valsad

It is raining heavily in all tehsils in South Gujarat for the last three days. Incessant rains have flooded many areas and roads. If we talk about Surat district, 6 panchayat roads have been closed in Palsan, 16 in Bardoli, 1 in Choryasi and 2 in Mandvi, while according to the intensity, 61 panchayat roads have been closed in Tapi district and 9 panchayat roads in Valsad district. are closed.

How much rain did South Gujarat receive?

1 mm in Olpad of Surat district, 31 mm in Kamrej, 12 mm in Surat CT, 19 mm in Choryasi, 180 mm in Palsana, 139 mm in Bardoli, 26 mm in Mangrol, 48 mm in Umarpada, 225 mm in Mahuva, Mandvi 76 mm in Valsad, 49 mm in Umargam, 74 mm in Vapi, 53 mm in Vapi, 90 mm in Kaprada, 82 mm in Dharampur, 128 mm in Navsari, 122 mm in Jalalpore, 117 mm in Ganadevi, 122 mm in Chikhali, 119 mm in Vansda, 105 mm in Khergam, 102 mm in Ahwa, 67 mm in Saputara, 125 mm in Waghai, 115 mm in Subir, 193 mm in Vyara, 226 mm in Walod, 182 mm in Dolwan, 117 mm in Kukarmunda, Uchhal received 65 mm of rain, Nizar 70 mm and Songadh 121 mm.

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