Swarm of snakes seen in a house in Rae Bareli, villagers in panic after more than 100 snakes came out


Rae Bareli. Surprising news is coming out from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh. Where a herd of snakes has been seen in a house. Here the process of snake coming out of a house is not taking the name of stopping. So far more than 100 snakes have come out. From family members to outsiders, these snakes are being killed, then they are not ending. This incident is being reported from Ramgaon Majre Kalhigaon of Sareni block. The victim’s family is spending day and night sitting on the cot. According to the information, more than 100 snakes have been killed so far. The villagers say that the information about this did not reach even after giving it to the Forest Department team.

The process of releasing hundreds of snakes continues

According to the information, snakes have been coming out continuously for the last 2 days in the house of a person in Sareni police station area of ​​Rae Bareli. The family members have become so disturbed by the herd of snakes that they are forced to leave the house. It is being told that snakes are coming out in herds. In this case, the people of the village are also afraid to go to his house. Its information was given to the Forest Department. But till now the Forest Department team has not reached the village. The process of releasing hundreds of snakes is going on. Due to the fear of snakes, Kadir has become very upset.

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snakes must have laid eggs in the house

Two snakes were seen in Kadir Ali’s house in Rae Bareli on Friday evening. After this hundreds of snakes started coming out one by one. The snakes that are coming out have been living in the water. They are found in ponds, rivers and drains. Even the villagers are not able to tell the information about how they have reached home. The villagers say that their water will be drained somewhere on the way to a pond. Due to which snakes must have made shelter in this house. After this the snakes must have laid their eggs. Due to which their number has increased a lot.

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