Syrian Aleppo airport suspends operation due to Israeli attack

The Israeli military attacked the vicinity of the Syrian Aleppo International Airport on Monday, March 6.

Due to an air attack, the airport was temporarily out of order, according to Syrian Ministry of Defense. There is no information about the victims yet.

“At exactly 2:07 am, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia, targeting the Aleppo International Airport, as a result of which the airport was damaged and out of order,” the statement said.

On February 19, one of the Israeli rockets hit a building in the Kfar Suza area of ​​Damascus. As a result, several people died and several were injured. At the same time, the Syrian air defense system repelled a missile attack in the Damascus region.

Syria and Israel have been at war since 1948, when the independence of Israel was declared. During this time, three wars took place between the states. Attempts were periodically made to achieve peace between the parties, but to no avail.

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