Taliban shows huge volume of US military hardware, vehicles and cash


The Taliban in recent days has released through its affiliated TV channels footage of rows upon rows of US military vehicles, a large cache of small arms and ammunition, and a room with stacks of US$100 bills.

The equipment and cash were left behind as Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the terrorist organization.

“Rather than destroying the equipment before leaving the country, Joe Biden surrendered nearly US$85 billion worth of US military equipment to the Taliban”, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft noted. “In fact, Joe Biden left 300 times more guns than those passed to the Mexican cartels in Obama’s Fast and Furious program”.

US-supplied and left behind equipment now controlled by Taliban:

  • 2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAP’s
    • 75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles etc
    • 45 UH-60 Blachhawk Helicopters
    • 50 MD530G Scout Attack Choppers
    • ScanEagle Military Drones
    • 30 Military Version Cessnas
    • 4 C-130’s
    • 29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tocano Ground Attack Aircraft
    • At least 600,000+ Small arms M16, M249 SAWs, M24 Sniper Systems, 50 Calibers
    • 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers, M134 Mini Gun, 20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition
    • 61,000 M203 Rounds
    • 20,040 Grenades
    • 162,000 pieces of Encrypted Military Communications Gear
    • 16,000+ Night Vision Goggles
    • 10,000 2.75 inch Air to Ground Rockets
    • 2,520 Bombs
    • 20,150,600 7.62mm rounds
    • 9,000,000 50. caliber rounds.

Upon releasing the footage of the US equipment, they now own, the Taliban claimed its Abu Dujana brigade of the Al-Badr Corps have repaired over 300 military vehicles that are now ready for use by the Islamist terrorist organization.


Russia wants to buy American military weaponry and equipment

Ukrainian intelligence agency said, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has his sights set on some of the US$7.1 billion in American military weaponry and equipment abandoned by Joe Biden when he surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Putin is negotiating with the Taliban by offering to recognize the terror organization’s government in exchange for weapons needed by the Russian army in its war against Ukraine.

“The Taliban possess weapons and equipment that are scarce for the Russian army at the front, including those seized after coming to power in Afghanistan”, the post read.

With no western support for the upkeep of the US weaponry, it may be easier for the Taliban to send them to Russia. According to the Kremlin officials cited by British media, Putin wants to supply his soldiers in Ukraine with these Western weapons.

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