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Tarique Rahman uses UK lawmaker against Bangladesh

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Tarique Rahman uses UK lawmaker against Bangladesh

Convicted fugitive and acting chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Tarique Rahman has been using several Pakistani-British lawmakers and spending lavishly for getting political benefits and using those UK lawmakers against Bangladesh and ruling Awami League. One of the Pakistani-British politicians in Britain is Khaled Mahmood, a Labour Party MP who has been maintaining deeper contacts with Tarique Rahman for years.

Talking to this correspondent, a credible source who is aware of secret deals between Tarique Rahman and Khalid Mahmood said, a Bangladesh-British national named Jahid Ahmed Choudhury introduced Pakistani-British MP Khalid Mahmood to Tarique Rahman. During one of these meetings between Tarique Rahman and UK Labour Party MP Khalid Mahmood, Tarique Rahman handed over a file with the request of helping him with his asylum matter. Additionally, Tarique Rahman promised of giving “massive business opportunities” to Pakistani companies as well as business firms recommended by Khalid Mahmood MP, once BNP returns to power.

In addition to meeting and bribing Khalid Mahmood MP, Tarique Rahman reportedly has also “compensated” few other Labour Party MPs, including at least one Bangladeshi-born British MP.

It is learnt from another source that a desperate Tarique Rahman has been meeting many influential Pakistani-born Britons and telling them that Bangladesh is being made into “anti-Pakistan” nation by the ruling Awami League.

Meanwhile, a source in London told that correspondent that Tarique Rahman has already obtained UK passport recently where a British-Bangladeshi named Jahid Ahmed Choudhury, son of Mojir Uddin Ahmed Choudhury has played important role.

Jahid Ahmed Choudhury is a relative of Mushfiqul Fazal Ansary.

The source further said, Jahid Ahmed Choudhury, National ID number 9583157053 is currently at Dhaka Central Jail located at Keraniganj. He was arrested in a case lodged by the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel. The case was lodged on November 2, 2022 under section 420, 406 (case number 34) with Hatirjheel Police Station under Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

The source further suggested stating, Bangladesh authorities can get “bombshell information” from Jahid Ahmed Choudhury as he has been a key witness to Tarique Rahman’s meetings to Khalid Mahmood MP.

It said, “Jahid Choudhury knows a lot about Tarique Rahman’s activities against Bangladesh government and ruling Awami League”.

Meanwhile, according to UK newspaper The Times, Khalid Mahmood, a senior Labour MP was known as “Catfish Khalid” because he “stalked” women online, then fired his aide Elaina Cohen after she raised allegations that he was protecting a criminal abuser in his office, a tribunal has been told.

The tribunal was also told that Khalid Mahmood agreed to meet an arms dealer representing Pakistan, which went against the UK Government policy at the time.

According to a source, BNP representative in the US, Mushfique Fazal Ansary, an individual living in Washington DC, who is the Former Assistant Press Secretary to Khaleda Zia; former diplomatic correspondent of vernacular newspaper The Daily Ittefaq; member of the United Nations Correspondents Association; White House Correspondent at Just News BD, an illegal  news website; and Executive Director at Right to Freedom.

It may be mentioned here that, Mushfique Fazal Ansary is the editor of “Just News BD” while this news website does not have any office or existence in Bangladesh. It is a matter of great surprise as to how he has managed to enroll himself as the White House Correspondent of this illegitimate website.

Tajul Islam

Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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