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Tarique Rahman’s unending hunger – he wants money from everyone


Tarique Rahman’s unending hunger – he wants money from everyone

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Acting chairman of jihadist-inclined Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Tarique Rahman’s hunger for money seems to be unending. After being able to make hundreds of millions of dollars through corruption, Tarique’s hunger for money seems to be unending. It should be mentioned here that, Tarique Rahman is seen as the most-corrupt individual in Bangladesh. He also has numerous allegations of moral turpitude. Major segment of the leaders of BNP too are totally fed-up with Tarique and they are blaming him for the political disaster the party has been facing. He also is held responsible for the hue decline in BNP’s acceptability to the people. But, Tarique seems to be ignoring all of these realities as he considers himself as the “Crown Prince” of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Sitting in London being accorded political asylum by the British government, Tarique Rahman has been making frantic bids in establishing contacts with various countries including USA, China, India and even Pakistan and most surprisingly, he is placing request for “funding the upcoming general election”. In other words, Tarique is asking money from the foreign nations.

According to validated information, Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) already has transferred over 40 million dollars to a representative of BNP. But, major segment of this fund has already gone into the offshore bank accounts of Tarique Rahman and his family members.

Meanwhile, Tarique Rahman’s adviser ambassador Humaiun Kabir has been trying to convince the US administration in exerting influence in ensuring free and fair election on December 30. He has told some of the officials of the US administration that the upcoming general election in Bangladesh will be “heavily rigged” while the candidates of BNP and their alliances are “unable in continuing campaign” due to “excessive” actions of the law enforcement agencies. Ambassador Humaiun Kabir claimed, the ruling party in Bangladesh has “established total grip” over the administration.

In the meantime, sensing lack of public support and extreme controversy centering Jamaat-e-Islami men contesting the polls with BNP’s symbol, several key policymakers of BNP already are have made their mind of sitting in the opposition bench in the next parliament. Some of them even are openly criticizing Tarique Rahman for complicating the situation in Bangladesh.

On condition of anonymity a diplomatic source told Blitz, they are “greatly dismayed” at the behavior of BNP’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman. The source said, “It is a matter of great dismay that a political leader, who currently holds a top position in one of the largest political parties in Bangladesh has been shamelessly asking for money from the foreign nations. It seems like as if he is considering politics as a money-making machine, which is a matter of great shame. Instead of thinking of his party leaders and supporters, Tarique’s only focus seems to be in making quick bucks.”

It added, “Ignoring the fact of his [Tarique’s] mother being in prison, it is a matter of grave surprise, Tarique Rahman is only focusing on nourishing his personal wealth by extorting money from party leaders and the foreign friends taking advantage of the election.”

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