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Terror-monger Nomani’s videos not removed yet!

Wasik Billah Nomani, ওয়াসিক বিল্লাহ নোমানী, Choyon Kumar Das, Waseq Billah Nomani, Hefazat-e-Islam


Terror-monger Nomani’s videos not removed yet!

Following publication on an investigative report in the most influential anti-militancy newspaper Blitz, while Wasik Billah Nomani (ওয়াসিক বিল্লাহ নোমানী) aka Choyon Kumar Das aka Waseq Billah Nomani was arrested few days ago and couple of cases were filed against him, disturbing and riot-inciting video contents of this leader of Hefazat-e-Islam are still online on YouTube channels, posing grave threat to national security. Although, prior to Nomani’s arrest, editorial team of Blitz drew the attention of several officials of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on this matter, the videos have not yet been removed from the YouTube channel.

In the video content, Waseq Billah Nomani (ওয়াসিক বিল্লাহ নোমানী), who is mentioned as a “neo-Muslim” or a Hindu who got converted into Islam saying, he has 22-years’ experience on chopping heads and wants to chop the head of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if  he [Nomani] would find the Indian premier. He even went further saying, he would continue chopping heads of Hindus. And, most surprisingly, such notorious statements were made publicly in an Islamic program.

According to information, ‘Alif TV Official’ channel was launched on YouTube on December 14, 2014, while it has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact number of this channel is 0173-661-5075. It also has another channel on YouTube named HRS HD WAZ 360. Owner of these channels is Hafizur Rahman Siddique.

Siddique runs few more Islamic channels on YouTube. He falsely claims his channels being operated from the United Arab Emirates.

It may be mentioned here that, radical mullah Waseq Billah Nomani (ওয়াসিক বিল্লাহ নোমানী), in his videos has openly pronounced support for the killers of secular blogger Abhijit Roy [a US citizen], stating, “those who insult the Prophet [of Islam] should be killed”.

Nomani also said: “Those killers of Abhijit Roy deserve our salute”.

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A notorious Waseq Billah Nomani did not hesitate in expressing solidarity with the jihadist outfit named Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT).

Terming the Bangladesh government as “enemies of Allah and his prophet”, Waseq Billah Nomani criticized the government and the judiciary for awarding death penalty to the killer of blogger Abhijit Roy.

This entire content on YouTube goes against the existing law of Bangladesh and individuals like Waseq Billah Nomani and his promoters deserve stern legal action.

In presence of hundreds of people, a radical mullah Waseq Billah Nomani displays a sword stating non-Muslims deserve to be chopped. He even pronounced jihad against the “enemies of Prophet” and went further by pronouncing jihad against the Bangladesh government.

Why authorities concerned are reluctant in taking down the videos?

Immediately after the arrest of Wasik Billah Nomani (ওয়াসিক বিল্লাহ নোমানী) aka Choyon Kumar Das aka Waseq Billah Nomani, all of his extremely provocative video contents should have been removed from the social media and video sharing sites, including those available on Alif TV Official. But surprisingly, authorities concerned are showing reluctance or silence in taking steps in pulling down those disturbing videos.

Key policymakers in country’s intelligence agencies need to look into this matter, for the sake of national security.

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