Terrorist family continue committing cybercrime

Notorious terrorist Sajal Mahmud Ony, who was arrested in 2012 for abducting an Indian national named Sonjib Saha at gun point has given a status on social media with a doctored video of Dhaka’s Independent Television, where this notorious terrorist has made highly defamatory comments about internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist and editor of Weekly Blitz, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

In the Facebook post terrorist Ony has falsely branded Shoaib Choudhury as an advisor of Harkatul Jihad. He also has placed doctored contents on the Independent Television report on Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen’s statement clarifying Bangladesh’s stance on Palestinian people.

Ony’s family members published a status on her Facebook ID on March 29th against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh trip. In that post, Ony’s mother called for waging jihad in Bangladesh against Narendra Modi and India.

His family is also facing serious allegations of money laundering and terror finance, which currently are under investigation.

Sajal Mahmud Ony’s younger brother Shamol Mahmood (alias Anjan) is a member of the armed wing of the student front of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

News clipping of Shamol Mahmood

According to news reports, with the foul attempt of hiding his criminal past, Shamol Mahmood (alian Anjan), an armed cadre of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been now taking false pretense of being a supporter of ruling Awami League.

According to sources​, back in 2013, Shamol took part in BNP-Jamaat’s acts of terrorism and arson attacks in various parts of Dhaka city. Subsequently although he was accused along with others in several criminal cases lodged with different police stations, Shamol could not be apprehended as law enforcement agencies were unaware of his full name and other details. As police started raiding various parts of Uttara area in search of Shamol, he managed fleeing Bangladesh for the US under the disguise of a student.

But after arriving in the US, Shamol Mahmood Anjan did not show up in the college he got admitted and continued political activities and propaganda against Awami League government. This had made Federal Bureau of Investigation suspicious and FBI summoned Anjan for interrogation. Sensing legal problems, Shamol Mahmood Anjan fled United States and entered Canada through land border, although it is not learned if he had obtained Canadian visa. Reaching in Canada, Shamol Mahmood Anjan filled application seeking political asylum.

In the asylum, Shamol declared his affiliation with the student front of Bangladesh Nationalist Party as Assistant Secretary, International Affairs of BNP’s student front Bangladesh Jatiyotabadi Chhatra Dal (Bangladesh Nationalist Student Front) and said, he and his family members, including his father Abdur Rashid were facing numerous forms of cruelties and repressive acts by the Awami League members and activists. He even went further stating, Awami League activists made attempt of assassinating his father, Abdur Rashid.

It may be mentioned here that, BNP’s student front cadre Shamol Mahmood Anjan entered Canada by illegally crossing US-Canada border. On reaching in Canada, he was also involved in cross-border drug trafficking.

But, Shamol’s asylum petition was rejected by the Canadian immigration authorities due to his criminal records in Bangladesh. Moreover, sitting in Canada, Shamol Mahmood Anjan was running notorious propaganda against Awami League and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He also was involved in blackmailing females by making them victims of his romantic trap. This newspaper has obtained several photographs of Shamol Mahmood Anjan with various females in compromised situation.

Sajal Mahmud Ony, a terrorist

Back in 2012, Sajal Mahmud Ony abducted an Indian national named Sonjib Saha while police rescued Saha and a criminal case was lodged against the terrorist. Sajal and Shamol are drug addicts and according to newspaper reports, they are involved in various forms of criminal activities, including dealing in drugs as well as robbery, theft, contract killing and street-snatching. They also are accused of maintaining connections with various jihadists and terrorist groups in Bangladesh.

In 2012, Sajal Mahmud Ony abducted an Indian national at gun point

Cybercrime experts suggest, Independent Television authorities should press allegations of cybercrime against Sajal Mahmud Ony for illegally doctoring a news content of the channel and for publishing it on social media.

Multiple wives of terrorist Sajal Mahmud Ony

On March 29, 2019, Sajal Mahmud Ony married a British national named Fateha Khan Mony. According to Vatara marriage registrar (Vatara Marriage Registry Office, book number 11, page 49), Sajal Mahmud Ony and Fateha Khan Mony have declared them single in the marriage registration paper, although both were previously married. Ony’s first wife is Farzana Akhter Rima and the couple has a daughter. According to Bangladesh law, hiding marital information is a punishable crime.

Marriage certificate of Sajam Mahmud Ony with British national Fateha Khan Mony

It is learned, Sajal Mahmud Ony married Fateha Khan Mony with the desire of obtaining immigration in Britain. Immigration authorities in UK should take note of Sajal Mahmud Ony as he may turn into a potential threat to Britons, if he succeeds in entering the country. It may be mentioned here that, as per existing law of Bangladesh, Sajal Mahmud Ony and Fateha Khan Mony may face imprisonment and penalty for concealing information of their previous marriages. Section 495 of the 1890 Penal Code states: “Whoever commits the offence defined in the last preceding section having concealed from the person with whom the subsequent marriage is contracted, the fact of the former marriage, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”.

Salaj Mahmud Ony’s wife Fateha Khan Mony working inside a secret room of the terrorist

It is also learned Sajal Mahmud Ony and his wife, British citizen Fateha Khan Mony are involved into scamming and illegal activities. Mony was tacked posting photographs on her Facebook ID with false claim of being working from abroad.

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