Thanks God it is Donald Trump in the office

Jesse Lee Peterson

Thank God Donald Trump is president! Can you imagine if Crooked Hillary Clinton, Socialist Bernie Sanders, or some weak RINO had managed to get in office? We’d have a 6,000-strong illegal alien mob called the “migrant caravan” allowed into our country, no questions asked. Under the pretense of “pleading asylum,” they’d come take Americans’ jobs, get free stuff and further corrupt our country. They’d join the tens of millions of illegals forcing vulnerable blacks out of their own communities. Likely their number would be much greater under a president who put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.

Last week, at least 400 illegal aliens in Tijuana attempted to rush our border, some throwing large rocks at police. The media cast the violent mob in a sympathetic light, photographing women and barefoot children in the chaos. Forty-two were arrested, but none charged! The phony outrage was that border agents used tear gas on “kids.” Believe me, if any children had actually suffered harm, the media would have exploited them for front-and-center sob stories. The media has run a months-long PR campaign for these foreign invaders. The fake news media are truly the enemy of the people.

In June, evil people pushed phony concern for illegal alien children separated from “mothers,” and children being put in “cages.” I wrote then that Democrats don’t care about children – illegal or American In fact, the anti-Trump media and liberals have no love, but only out-of-control minds and emotions. They support abortion, sex outside of marriage, pornography, bad schools, crime, radical homosexuals and transgender madness – everything harmful to children. Led in darkness by their father the Devil, they exploit and corrupt women and children to advance an evil agenda. They call evil good and good evil.

President Trump is a nationalist, and so am I. Anyone who is not a nationalist is like an unfaithful father who leaves his wife and children to be with another woman and another man’s children. The man’s children suffer for lack of a good father giving them proper attention; the stepchildren never truly accept the stepfather; and neither of the women can ever respect such a man. This is what the Democrats, the liberal media, RINO Republicans, and many of the Never Trumpers are like – they’re not nationalists. They’re not good men or women.

President Trump loves all people by doing what’s right. What’s right for American citizens is also good for illegal aliens – to deny them entry into our country. They don’t have a right to be here. They don’t have our values. We need to take care of home first – just as the illegal aliens (mostly men!) need to go home to repair their own countries.

We have a black American population in moral crisis – with Hispanics following close behind in violence, hatred and false victimhood. Families, where they exist at all, are weak and broken, producing criminals, drug addicts, single mothers and pathetic adult males. West Coast cities are overrun with homelessness, drugs and blight, driving out businesses. The 22-million-plus illegal aliens already here are raising anchor babies to reject our rule of law – and these “stepchildren” grow up to vote! Our education system is a scam upon the young people – filled with useless, leftist, anti-God, anti-man, anti-American indoctrination.

The media recently highlighted a “Native American” single mother elected to U.S. Congress, Deb Haaland of New Mexico. This woman suggested that President Trump was undermining Democracy and American values because of his “rhetoric” about “erasing trans people.” Imagine being raised with no father by a mother this misguided and committed to the godless “social justice” agenda. And imagine the degeneracy of the people who voted for such a woman as their representative!

Democrat voters also elected an American Indian lesbian and two Muslim women, in addition to the media-celebrated radical socialist millennial Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The president must deal with these radicals in the coming year – along with the anti-Trump establishment. They don’t want America to be made great again.

If we want the corrupt government to change, we the people must change. You must deal with evil in your personal lives, and not allow it to continue and grow. Evil will destroy you and others around you if you do not overcome it. Whites, especially white men, who see through the deception of the media, academia and government, must speak up without fear. Tell the truth to the people of color who are used to being fed lies. Start first by being honest with your family and those around you. And grow up, get married, and have babies!

As I frequently say, we have a great opportunity with this president in office. Although the people on the side of evil seem to increase in numbers, so too do the people of good. God told Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He found ten good men among them. Children of God have the real power to keep America great – even in a minority! Satan can only tempt, deceive, and intimidate.

The president has repeatedly stood alone, and won.

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