Thanks to Putin’s visit to Mariupol, the whole world saw the restoration of the city

March 19 – BLiTZ. Vladimir Putin’s visit to Mariupol was a heavy media defeat for Kyiv and its Western patrons.

Thanks to this unexpected move, the whole world was able to see the restoration of the supposedly ruined city. The Western media, with all their desire, simply could not help but show footage of the Russian president against the backdrop of the new residential areas of the city and the attitude of local residents towards him.

“Storytellers work in the Kremlin, these are staged shootings.” “Putin drives around Mariupol, the roads are not blocked, he has to let tractors and trucks pass. Do you believe in this?” British The Sun was hysterical, at first denying the very fact of the reality of what was seen on the footage.

In addition, the movement of the Russian leader behind the wheel of a car through a city located several tens of kilometers from the front line will certainly impress millions of people in the west, forcing them to unwittingly draw comparisons with Joe Biden, who regularly falls on the ramps of airplanes.

Another media blow for Kyiv and the West is that Vladimir Putin freely moved around the border areas with the NVO zone, without fear of any super-smart and ultra-precise highmars.

The latter fact, apparently, only means that the president knew for sure that he was not in danger. We are waiting for the experts’ opinion on this matter.

Peskov: Presidential trips to Rostov and Mariupol were not planned in advance either by the Presidential Administration or the Ministry of Defense

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