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The Anti-Semite circle around Princess Haya: Her brother Ali an example

Princess Haya, Hamas


The Anti-Semite circle around Princess Haya: Her brother Ali an example

Jordanian Benjamin, Exclusive to Blitz

The campaign of princess Haya has been trying to portray her dubious fleeing as a human rights cause by some mischievous groups and individuals. Nonetheless, I found a serious need to look at who is the group that is surrounding Haya, in doing so. I tried not to surprise myself based on my knowledge with the Double-Faced Jordanian Regime.

When looking at Princess Haya’s circle, I just can’t ignore her full-brother Ali Bin Al Hussein, the frequent visitor of London, who is according to some sources, has been active in Haya’s plans. Other rumors speak about Ali working towards British citizenship and he already has a house in London.

Prince Ali involved in personal relations with Hamas, especially Khaled Mash’al, Hamas leader, he had several meetings with him and tried to implement Hamas agenda of Antisemitism and Islamisation into the world of Football and social activism that he tries to lead with his sister Haya.

Ali who has been the leader of the Football Federation in Jordan for 20 years, this is due to the fact that the dictator Royal Regime in Jordan and the Royal Family put their grips even on the sports federations, therefore, nobody dares to stand in an elections contest against Ali or any of his family when it comes to leading a sport federation, just out of fear of being punished as a challenger to the prestige of the prince(s). Ali who failed twice at FIFA Leadership contest, has been using his position to express Antisemitic and Islamisation views in football.

In 2002, Ali called FIFA to suspend Israel Football Federation as a result of what he referred to “the Israeli apartheid and attack against the Palestinians”. Ali wrote a letter to FIFA President back then Sebb Blatter, the Arabic Football Federation President Sultan Bin Fahad, and all the continental football federations’ presidents asking them to treat Israel in the way the apartheid state in South Africa was treated and to suspend Israel from FIFA.

When Ali became a Vice President to the former FIFA President Sepp Blatter years later, he did not stop his malicious endeavors to provoke antisemitism. In 2013 he continued his attempts to suspend Israel Football membership in FIFA, he told the Palestinian football Federation President that he [Ali] will be their back and that the Israelis need to understand the Palestinians rights to have their freedom to play football and host football contests or Israel will lose its membership in FIFA. As everyone knows, the Palestinians can play football and they have their football team that has been remarkable in Asia over the last years. However, just like his family that has always tried to use the Palestinian cause to become relevant, Ali exposed himself again.

It is worth mentioning that Ali then backstabbed Sebb Blatter and tried to challenge him in the FIFA Presidential content by highlighting what he referred to as “corruption” in FIFA that he wanted to clean should he become a President for FIFA. At that time many observers were joking about Ali who spoke about a corrupted system that he obviously was part of when he worked as a vice president for Sebb Blatter, not to mention the lack of democracy and ill-management of the Jordanian Federation that Ali chairs. Ali ended up losing the first FIFA Presidential elections before he became a joke and stood for the same elections another time the next year and ended up winning 5 votes only, possibly it was a karma for a self-interest backstabber who turned against the President who entrusted him and appointed him as his Vice, just like the history of Ali’s family, and we are seeing examples of Haya these days.

Ali also showed some Islamist agenda under the slogan of supporting women when he tried to Islamize football. Ali insisted that Muslim women football players to be able to wear Hijab (Headscarf) in football matches, despite all the attempts to liberate football women and separate sports from any religious or political involvement but of course an extremist and Hamas friend Ali does not like that. By bullying FIFA and playing the racism card, Ali managed to get FIFA to allow women to wear Hijab in football matches.

The continuous support of violence did not end here, Ali tried to indulge in the former Palestinian Prisoner girl Ahlam Tamimi, who was imprisoned her unprovoked physical attack on an Israeli soldier. On 20th December 2017, Ali wrote a tweet that was cheering Ahlam Tamimi for her violent action and he tried to scold Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the tweet reads:

“Is this what really scares Israel @Netanyahu? A young 16-year-old girl, who has the courage to stand up for her rights as a child in the face on an illegal occupation that is breaking all norms of international law? Free her!!

@realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley #عهد_التميمى

Twitter status.

Ali also sent controversial tweets that go out of his scope of knowledge when he tried once to lecture Donald Trump about climate change but he ended being a laughing stock, Ali wrote a tweet on August 28, 2017, that said:

“heartfelt sympathy for the people of Houston. Question Mr. President, do you still not believe in climate change?”

One respondent said to him:

“How about you worry about Jordanians eating from trash bins-because your family taxes them to death-before you bother @POTUS with climate

Another respondent replied “Why don’t you take a flying leap into your climate change BS, the only Hurricane we worry about is the hot air coming from you. You moron.”

Twitter status.

If Ali does not hold a British Citizenship yet, I think there should be a serious concern about his antisemitism activities that should not let him pass a good character test for any decent citizenship, not to mention that all his anti-Semite, Islamisation and politicizing of football should blacklist him from entering the UK and any world developed country.

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1 Comment

  1. Benji Wimmer

    July 24, 2019 at 12:47

    Talking about diarrhea on paper? This whole article reeks of hateful IDF propaganda.

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