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The case of Shahidul Alam versus journalists in Bangladesh


The case of Shahidul Alam versus journalists in Bangladesh

Anita Mathur

Some people are enthusiastic in portraying photographer Shahidul Alam as a journalist. They are encouraging each of the foreign media in giving coverage to this Al-Jazeera poster child. At this state, we need to know something about those people who are behaving like Gladiators in turning this seasoned photographer into a “globally acclaimed” journalist. Media currently is exhibiting extreme madness with the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and Bangladesh photographer Shahidul Alam. While all of us know, Jamal Khashoggi was a member of Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of Al Qaeda, we now really need to know – who this Shahidul Alam really is.

According to information, Shahidul Alam is a mule of Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). Shahidul believes, Islamic State (ISIS) kingpin Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a “creation of Mossad”, while he also sees the 9/11 terror attack as a “pro-job”. These specific examples in fact evidently prove Shahidul Alam as an enemy of the US and Israel. More precisely, it reflects his affection towards Al Qaeda – a precise similarity between Jamal Khashoggi and Shahidul Alam.

From India, one of the top defenders of Shahidul Alam is none but, Arundhoti Roy.

Roy, who won the Booker in 1997 for The God of Small Things, is a controversial figure in India for her championing of politically sensitive causes. She has divided opinion by speaking out in support of the Naxalite insurgency and for casting doubt on Pakistan’s involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. She even went further stating Kashmir is “not an integral part of India.”

If we carefully scrutinize Arundhati Roy’s statement on the Mumbai attack and the Kashmir issue, we can clearly realize, she is nothing but a voice of Pakistan or more precisely – voice of Pakistani spy agency.

Arundhati Roy has always maintained that India is an “occupying force” in Kashmir, and is wielding power through the barrel of the gun.  In a piece titled The Dead Begin to Speak Up in India”, she wrote in 2011:

“Kashmir is in the process of being isolated, cut off from the outside world by two concentric rings of border patrols – in Delhi as well as Srinagar – as though it’s already a free country with its own visa regime. Within its borders of course, it’s open season for the government and the army. The art of controlling Kashmiri journalists and ordinary people with a deadly combination of bribes, threats, blackmail and a whole spectrum of unutterable cruelty has evolved into a twisted art form.”

Roy always maintained that the ultimate right over Kashmir belonged to Kashmiris, and independence was what they wanted, their choice must be respected. That made her a “cheerleader of Kashmiri separatism”, and Roy took on the barrage of criticism that was directed at her with gusto.

Roy’s comment on Kashmir is clearly a crime under the criminal codes of sedition and high-treason. And she finds her best darling in Shahidul Alam. Unfortunately, a section of senseless media in India and abroad are giving coverage to Shahidul Alam without knowing his great affection towards the jihadists or those media are doing this under any heinous agenda.

Shahidul and the road safety movement:

It was Al Jazeera English service that suggested Shahidul Alam in organizing school children and bringing them on the street with the demand of road safety. According to the Qatar-based controversial television network, involving children would give “opportunity” to Shahidul Alam in receiving attention of the global media. Shahidul Alam even had agreed in his correspondences with Al Jazeera in getting some school children killed during the movement and termed it as “minor issue” in comparing to the “achievements” he would get. Shahidul wants to emerge as the “godfather of Bangladeshi journalists”. What I am writing here are not mere speculations or rumor. Instead it is based on strong evidence. Should Shahidul Alam have the moral courage of challenging me, I will publish the evidences, thus unmasking this notorious man.

British MP hired by ISI:

British MP Rupa Haq, who represents the Labour Party – a party of Jeremy Corbyn, has recently joined hands with the Pakistani spy agency. With the agenda of giving mileage to ISI and its political darlings in Bangladesh – Jamaat-e-Islami and Bangladesh Nationalist Party; Rupa Haq has arranged a seminar on December 17, 2018 in London, where she is all set in providing lots of lies to the British and international media. Her agenda too is in helping Pakistani ISI in toppling-down the current ruling party in Bangladesh.

It is a matter of grave concern that a sitting British MP is working as an agent of the spy agency of Islamist Pakistan. It has also been learnt, politicians like Rupa Haq had played key role behind Britain’s refusal of accepting Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi and granting her asylum.

All of us know, Britain is gradually going into the grips of radical Islam. Politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and Rupa Haq are just playing the role of the collaborators of radical Islam.

TIME magazine has given coverage to Shahidul Alam. Many international media are eager in giving him coverage. Here is the classic example of how the international media has gone rogue in giving coverage to these cohorts of radical Islam.

Silence of the international media on real journalists:

While the international media are visibly competing in giving coverage to an antisemitic and Islamist inclined photographer like Shahidul Alam or pro-Al Qaeda Jamal Khashoggi, they had maintained total silence in speaking out against the extremely repression on internationally known anti-militancy journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. They also are surprisingly silent on the extreme cruelties on the Turkish journalists or journalists in Iran. Anyone there to give me an answer on such dubious behavior of the international media?

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