The cat is out of the bag finally!

Update: An website named JOL has been continuing to publish baseless propaganda against Blitz and me with the wrong intention of maligning the image of this newspaper and defending a group of frauds comprising Mendi Safadi, Shipan Kumer Basu and others. Following publication of an article titled ‘Those in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones’ it published another article titled ‘Stop the slander against human rights advocates now‘. Although in the reports published in Blitz, there had been specific and categorical evidences of forgery and fraud by Mendi Safadi and his cohort Shipan Kumer Basu, this website has been running propaganda against these culprits without even reading the reports published in Blitz. The very dubious activities of this website (there is no mention about who are running this website) evidently proves its alliance with the culprits. I am requesting the readers of Blitz to verify our reports (as we have provided links against each of our findings against the Safadi-Shipan racket) and raise voice against these culprits who are receiving huge amount of money from various individuals including antisemitic and anti-Israel Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Once again, I am challenging JOL crooks to stop this nonsense unless they already are publishing the baseless propaganda in favour of the culprits in exchange of money. Most interestingly, in the above mentioned article, JOL published a photograph of some people, who are not connected with Safadi or Shipan. In fact, the United States government, especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should immediately investigate the fraudulent activities of Mendi N. Safadi and his racket.  

Who is Sivan Gamliel?

There is really no existence of Sivan Gamliel anywhere on the web save a brief introduction in the JOL stating, “Sivan Gamliel is a freelance journalist and human rights activist based in Israel”. A fake human rights activist Mendi Safadi and his cohort Shipan Kumer Basu has boarded Sivan Gamliel in their team and again Gamliel also is portrayed as human rights activist in Israel. What a joke!

On October 8, 2018, Jerusalem Online (JOL) published an op-ed titled Those in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones, by Sivan Gamliel. This op-ed is full of lies and has wrongly portrayed some dubious people as “rights activists” while it also contains absolute false information on me. At the beginning of this op-ed, Gamliel  wrote, “An ally of the Awami League government in Bangladesh wrote an article smearing human rights activists Shipan Kumer Basu, Aslam Chowdhury, Mendi Safadi and Rachel Avraham in an article in the Weekly Blitz.”

Here is some specific information on the “rights activists” of Sivan Gamliel.

For years, Mendi N. Safadi, along with few of his accomplices, including Shipan Kumer Basu has been continuing serious criminal activities in India, Israel and the United States and making tons of money. One of their criminal activities is stealing photographs of various individuals from Facebook and websites and later using those into different types of crimes. Our investigative teams have already detected one of the many crimes of Mendi N. Safadi, where it was found, this man has been using photographs of various individuals of social repute and using those stolen photos with different names in his website as well as other printed documents proving himself to be an important individual.

The team of my newspaper Blitz ( has carefully scrutinized the website of World Hindu Struggle Committee, which is run by Mendi N. Safadi and his top accomplice Shipan Kumer Basu. On this website’s Our Team page, Mendi N. Safadi is seen as a member of the “Honorable Advisory Board”. Mendi has used a picture in this section and named the person as Larisa Rudneva (Rasa). But in reality, this photograph is of Dolly Parton, one of the biggest stars of country music and one of the best selling recording artists of all time. Known as the Queen of Country Music, she has sold millions of records. She has been covered in the Forbes magazine by Dan Schawbel on November 29, 2012. Title of the article is – Dolly Parton: Her Personal Philosophy, Life Obstacles and Best Advice.

But, Mendi N. Safadi had no shame or fear in using Dolly Parton’s photograph in his website by changing her name. Similarly, Mendi has also used the photographs of few more individuals and changed their names. Here is the further details.

What Mendi Safadi is up to?

Since 2002, I have been consistently demanding relations between Israel and Bangladesh. Bangladeshi authorities brought sedition, treason and blasphemy charges against me simply for the “crimes” of confronting radical Islam; denouncing antisemitism and holocaust denial; and defending the State of Israel. I was wrongly imprisoned in this false case with nine-year’s rigorous imprisonment and only on July 29, 2018, I was released from the prison.

While I am trying for relations between Bangladesh and Israel, Mendi Safadi and his cohorts are making foul bids in projecting Israel as an enemy of Bangladesh and they are unnecessarily trying to tag Israel into the Hindu issue. Should there be at all any issue related to the Hindus in Bangladesh, Safadi should have actually drawn the attention of the Indian authorities in coming forward in resolving the matter.

According to a report published in Dhaka Tribune, Safadi was trying to broker relations between Israel and Bangladeshi Hindus. Just see his ulterior motives. Instead of working for a relations between Israel and Bangladesh (a country with Muslim majority), Safadi is making foul bids in portraying Israel as a country inclined in establishing connection with the Hindus. Moreover, for Hindus, Israel is not a significant nation. Instead, Israel’s eternal capital Jerusalem is a holy city for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Not Hindus!

Hopefully, these exposures will not only clear the confusions created by the op-ed Sivan Gamliel, but also will expose the real faces of the people; Gamliel had wrongly tried to portray as human rights activists. May be it was Sivan Gamliel’s ignorance as he might not have checked the backgrounds of Mendi N. Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu and their entire racket.

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