The Chairman of the Union of Summer Residents called the factors affecting the profitable purchase of a summer residence

The successful acquisition of a summer residence is influenced by many factors, ranging from the economic situation in the country to the geographical features of the region, State Duma deputy, chairman of the Union of Summer Residents Nikita Chaplin told Izvestia on February 21. At the same time, he noted that it is more profitable to buy a dacha at the end of the season, when the seller is interested in selling the plot faster.

“Moreover, as practice shows, other buyers begin to actively look for plots in the spring. Therefore, autumn is the most optimal time when there is a high supply and low demand,” he explained.

Chaplin recommended looking at the site at different times of the year before making a decision.

“Firstly, it is worth looking at the site in the spring, whether the water is worth it, how high the groundwater rises. In some areas, plots are flooded until June, and many vegetables need to be sown in May, so summer residents are left without a big harvest. You can’t see it in winter and autumn,” he specified.

In summer, you can also inspect the site to find out which neighbors come to their summer cottages at this time.

If a house with land is considered for year-round use, then in winter it is worth checking if there are problems with heating, the deputy added.

“Here, future summer residents need to decide which factor is decisive for them, and, based on this, form their plans for buying a garden plot,” he said.

At the same time, Chaplin noted that the cost of a country house with a plot is affected by the urgency of the sale, the greed of the seller, and the distance from the city.

In addition, he called the availability of communications – gas, electricity, winter water supply and sewerage – a decisive factor. Also, proximity to a forest, a reservoir, transport hubs increases the price, however, if there is a major road nearby, the cost will be less, the chairman of the Union of Summer Residents believes.

“The dacha is chosen for silence. It is important what the site is intended for – garden, garden or individual housing construction. IHS is usually more expensive. And a few more important nuances: the presence of security in the village, the stability of the village itself as a legal entity and the presence on the site of the house, its area, building materials and technological equipment, ”Chaplin specified.

Speaking about a profitable sale, he drew attention to the fact that with the beginning of spring, the attention of buyers switches from urban to suburban real estate.

“The best time to sell a dacha is the period from March until the May holidays, because most potential buyers try to keep within these time frames in order to immediately settle in and enjoy country life,” he concluded.

Earlier, on February 19, Anton Saukov, head of the suburban real estate center of the federal company Etazhi, told Izvestia that the interest of Russians in suburban real estate in February 2023 is 1.9 times higher than in the same period last year.

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