The commander of “Azov” * Zhorin said that the situation in Bakhmut is deteriorating every day for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

February 11 – BLiTZ One of the commanders of the Azov Regiment* Maxim Zhorin said that the situation in Bakhmut (Artemovsk) is getting worse every day. We are talking about the Ukrainian army.Zhorin explained this by saying that Russia collected a large number of forces from Bakhmut and now fierce battles are going on for every piece of the city. The battalion commander also said that many of the “best” fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed in these battles.

Four military commandant’s offices formed on the territory of new Russian regions

Zhorin is convinced that the abundance of equipment cannot cover the loss of the Ukrainian military.

*recognized as a terrorist organization, activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation

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