The construction of Patna Metro has picked up pace, where will the station be underground and where will it be elevated? Know when it will be ready


Patna Metro Project: The work of Patna Metro is now gaining momentum. The nature of its structure and construction work can be seen everywhere. An official related to this said that the primary corridor is between Malahi Pakdi and Patliputra Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) and more than 92 pillars have been constructed. According to the official, the civil work on the priority corridor is to be ready by the last quarter of 2024, after which the work on power and rolling stock will begin. The launching of U-Garder has also started. In Priority Corridor (Malahi Pakdi to ISBT), 41 percent work has been completed. The work of erection of cross arm has started for three stations of this corridor namely ISBT, Khemnichak and Bhootnath Road while preparations are underway for erection of cross arm at another station Malahi Pakdi.

The target has been kept till 2024

All the pillars to be built on the Priority Corridor are almost ready, on which the work of placing U-Garders is going on. After placing the guard, the base will be ready, on which electric work etc. will be done along with laying the track. Five metro stations Malahi Pakdi, Khemnichak, Bhootnath, Zero Mile and Patliputra Bus Terminal are to be built on this corridor of about seven km length. Cross arms were launched last month regarding the metro station to be built near Patliputra bus terminal. Work has started for the construction of the depot near ISBT itself after the land hurdle was removed. According to officials associated with Metro, the target is to finish the civil work of Priority Corridor by 2024. First of all, the metro train is expected to start only between the five stations of the Priority Corridor.

Excavation for underground station started

Tunneling (underground excavation) work from Moin-ul-Haq underground metro station to Patna University has gained speed. The first Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) has completed the work of digging about 40 meters in motion along with the lining, while the second Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) was launched from the same place and started digging two-three months earlier.

Elevated corridor will be 17.93 kilometer long

The work on the Danapur to Patna Junction route has also been entrusted to L&T Company. Elevated from Khagaul to RPS Mor while underground line is proposed from RPS to Patna Junction. The first 70 tonne precast pier cap for the 17.93 kilometer long elevated corridor and section of Patna Metro was launched on Monday. The length of this pier cap is 10.098 meters. This milestone was achieved at Pier/Pillar No. 115 in the viaduct located near Mithapur Metro Station.

Metro track will be laid soon

DMRC officials said that the pier-cap is precast in the casting yard and is launched on the pier with the help of a crane. U-girders will be launched between their two pier caps, on which the metro track will be laid. It is known that there are a total of 14 elevated and underground stations in Corridor One. It has seven elevated stations Danapur Cantonment, Saguna Mod, RPS Mod, Patliputra, Mithapur, Ramakrishna Nagar and Jaganpura while seven underground stations are Rukanpura, Raja Bazar, Patna Zoo, Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan, Patna station. Patna station and Khemni Chak are interchange stations from where metro will be available for both Corridor One and Corridor Two.

There will be a double layer station at the junction

The metro station “Patna Station” to be built near Patna Junction Railway Station will be double layer. Being an underground interchange station, there will be two platforms at a depth of eight meters from the ground. From its lower part, trains will be available to go to Corridor One i.e. Bailey Road, Danapur or Khemnichak. At the same time, trains can be caught from the upper part to go to Patliputra bus terminal via corridor two i.e. Ashok Rajpath-Rajendra Nagar-Kankarbagh.

Dedicated power substations are being prepared

Along with the construction of the elevated corridor, PMRCL has prepared dedicated power sub-stations for the Metro. A SCADA center will also be set up to monitor these power sub-stations and overhead wiring. The company has estimated an expenditure of about Rs 145 crore for this. The selected agency will complete all the electrical work in 36 months along with construction of overhead wire system, switching post, 33 KV ring and sub-station for elevated section on both the routes. At present, sub-stations are to be constructed in New ISBT and Mithapur.

Patna Metro: Trains will run on both sides of underground stations, platforms will be like islands

Corridor-1: It will be Danapur- Mithapur-Khemnichak.

It will have 7.393 km elevated and 10.54 km underground. In this way, Corridor-1 will be built in a total of 17.933 km.

Station name and its nature

Danapur – Upper

double bend – overhead

rps turn- overhead

Pataliputra – Upright

Rukanpura- underground

Raja Bazar – Underground

Patna Zoo- Underground

Vikas Bhawan – Underground

Electrical Building – Underground

Patna Station – Underground

Mithapur- Upper

Ramakrishna Nagar- Upright

Jaganpura- Upright

Khemnichak – Upright

Corridor 2: Patna Junction- Gandhi Maidan-Pataliputra ISBT are included.

In this corridor of 14.564 km, a total of 6.638 km will be overhead and 7.926 underground.

Station name and its nature

Patna Junction – Underground

AIR – underground

Gandhi Maidan – Underground

PMCH- Underground

Patna University- Underground

Moinul Haq Stadium – Underground

Rajendra Nagar- Underground

malahi caught – overhead

Khemnichak – Overhead

Bhoothnath Road- Upper

Zero Mile – Uphill

Patliputra ISBT- Upper

On 22 September 2020, CM Nitish Kumar started the Patna Metro Rail project.

There is a plan to make public transportation more accessible and better by metro by spending 13365 crores

Bihar and central government will spend 20-20 percent

60 percent loan to be taken from Japan International Corporation Agency

Patna Metro will have 02 corridors, construction work is going on fast

Metro will start running from Malahi Pakdi to Patliputra bus terminal by 2025

41 percent work of Priority Corridor completed, Metro will run first between five stations

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