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Susan Andrews was alone at home that night. Her husband and four children were all engaged in various occupations, and she stood in the kitchen and prepared a meal. Suddenly she heard the cries of a crowd outside. Moments later there was a loud pounding on the door. Andrews, sure she was a burglar, locked herself in the pantry and called the police. Her next call was to her husband, one of Fox’s best-known presenters, Tucker Carlson.

The protesters gathered outside the Carlson home in the suburbs of Washington, DC, belonged to a local group of Antipa , a radical leftist organization that in recent years has violently threatened American right-wingers and held mass demonstrations in cities across the country.

Among their calls that evening were “We know where you sleep at night,” and “Without borders, without a wall, without the United States at all.” The organization’s activists boasted about the social networks that they had come to confront Carlson in his home because of his firm views against illegal immigration, which they called “racism.” Several Twitter accounts belonging to members of the Washington group were suspended after they published the addresses of Carlson and his family on the Interne

The attack on the Carlson home was another example of the growing political polarization in the United States in recent years, especially since Donald Trump won the presidential election two years ago. It seems that the American left has not yet digested the defeat in the elections and has gradually begun to resort to extreme methods in order to try to preserve its political standing in an uncompromising struggle against the president-elect.

In addition to regular demonstrations and protests throughout the country, there has also been a phenomenon of targeted harassment of senior Republican or other close associates of President Trump. The climax of the process of appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, where demonstrators broke several sessions of the Senate Committee and videos of the pursuit of Senators throughout Washington became hits on social networks.

The protest effort, reportedly partially funded by George Soros, bore partial fruit when at one point Republican Senator Jeff Flake decided to change his mind and support another FBI investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against the judge after two women burst into the elevator to her He came in and shouted at him closely. A man in New York was arrested after sending threatening voice messages to Senators Susan Collins and Chuck Grassley for their support of Quanu. “I have a gift for you, a 9-millimeter ball on the side of the skull,” he wished to Grassley with many curses.

The phenomenon of personal harassment also reached the media, when Fox presenter Brian Kilmid was harassed by activists while riding the subway in New York. Even before the threatening demonstration at the entrance to his home about two weeks ago, his colleague Tucker Carlson said he could no longer eat in restaurants because of constant harassment. Last week, he also revealed how  his family had been harassed in the past.

“They will not rest”

All this of course does not happen by chance. Beyond the organized funding of some of these demonstrations, they were also greatly encouraged by senior Democratic Party officials. For example, Sen. Maxine Waters called about three months ago to shame the members of the rival party at every opportunity. “If you see every one of the [Trump’s] cabinet in a restaurant, a shop, a gas station – get out and make a fuss, and shut them up. Tell them that they will no longer be accepted anywhere … they will not have a rest, ” Waters said in front of an excited crowd.

Another Democratic senator, Cory Boker, asked his supporters to come and act with Congressmen and Eric Holder, a former justice minister in the Obama administration, was documented urging his listeners to “kick” Republicans. Just a month ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CNN that the Democratic Party “can not be polite at the moment.” Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives, recently said that the party should continue to fight for its positions, even at the cost of “collateral damage to those who share opinions different from ours.”

TV host Rosie O’Donnell, who has already held a number of public debates with the president, has made a half-hearted plea that “the army should be

These calls did not fall on deaf ears, and a wave of harassment began to wash the public and political arena in America. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave dinner at the restaurant, and a similar thing happened to Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to Trump. Recently, protesters harassed Senator Ted Cruise in the restaurant where he eats, and some of the workers have even received death threats . Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen also received screams while dining in Washington, and protesters clashed with Senator Mitch McConnell at the restaurant.

In some cases, harassment also leads to physical violence, including mid-term elections held earlier this month. For example, an activist affiliated with George Soros was arrested after attacking the campaign manager of the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona. Two Republican candidates for the House of Representatives of Minnesota were also physically assaulted. Institutions such as the Immigration Agency building in Portland or the Republican Party offices in New York have been vandalized and damage

In a particularly serious incident a year ago, Adam burst into the home of Sen. Rand Powell’s senator, severely beating him and causing a fracture on five of his ribs. The most difficult case of course was the shooting incident during baseball training of members of Congress about a year and a half ago. A man named James Hodgkinson arrived at the training ground and opened fire in all directions , from which six people were injured, including Congressman Steve Sculis who was critically wounded. Hodgkinson was shot to death and later found a list of Republican politicians killed. Scalis recovered from the serious injuries and recently returned to his post.

A planned and organized method:

These are just a few examples of a phenomenon that is not entirely new, but seems to be increasing in recent times. Conservative writer and commentator David Limbo recently pointed to the connection between leftist ideology and the intolerant behavior of parts of it. “There are enthusiastic followers on both sides of the barricade, and each of them maintains his faith zealously. But the modern political left clearly demonstrates disrespect for the rule of law and the democratic process, “Limbaugh said, adding that for many on the left, the goal sanctifies every means, so when they lose the public’s vote they are ready to change the rules.

Even more disturbing is the fact that left-wing leaders, who hope to gain political profit from weakening and humiliating the opponent, do not condemn the phenomenon at best or actively encourage it at worst. It is true that there are quite a few crazy people on the right but with the left in the United States, who completely removed the gloves and the masks are no longer ashamed to admit the dirty game, it is a planned and organized method.

Another example could be seen tweeted Ian Milhiizr, editor of the magazine ‘ThinkProgress, which called Cubic confront Republicans “where they eat, sleep and work, to stop being partners in the destruction of our democracy”. But what a millionaire offers is actually the opposite of democracy – gangs of petty troublemakers who harass legislators even within the walls of government building.

Charles Blau of the New York Times, in a  column published a few weeks ago, sums up the mood on the left these days: “If the angry mob is in favor of women and opposes the NRA, if the angry mob hates corruption and diversity in this country “So I’m part of it.” In other words, the mob politics of restaurant harassment and the breaking of office doors is fine, as long as the mob holds the right opinions. Moreover, if resistance to the Trump must be part of the angry mob, Blau happily joins it.

A threat to democracy:

The only way to express the power of the people in a democratic regime is through elected officials who are free to act according to the will of the people who have chosen them. When they are constantly harassed by bullies at every corner, they are not free to do so. When this tactic becomes a permanent method of action, it threatens not only the troublemakers themselves but also the foundations of the entire administration.

The increasing phenomenon of disturbances and harassment challenges one of the most important elements of a civilized society – the unwritten contract among all members of the group according to which they agree to act according to accepted norms, obey the law and of course accept the decision of the voter.

The sad truth is that the global and Israeli left has no new ideas to offer. As a result, he has degenerated into a rude politics of schism, and an insatiable demanding rhetoric until it completely disintegrates the social fabric. Anyone who dares to deviate from the dicta dictated above is immediately denounced as a leper (see Kenyan West ).

Of course, there are also many decent people on the left, who respect the rules of the democratic game and are not swept away by the flood of verbal and physical violence, but unfortunately at the moment it seems that they too are being dragged along the extreme margins. Until there is a responsible and leftist leader on the left, we will continue to see incidents of harassment multiplying and perhaps even reaching the level of political circus that is taking place in America these days. As long as this is the case, the only choice of the right is to continue winning the ballot box.

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