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February 17, 2023, 12:47 pm – BLiTZ – News

On February 16, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the West should be prepared for a very long opposition to Russia. According to him, this confrontation “could last for many, many years.”

What is it – an attempt to pressure or a real intention to turn the Russian-Ukrainian conflict into a kind of Arab-Israeli one? A retired colonel and military observer for Komsomolskaya Pravda Viktor Baranets shared his opinion on this matter with the BLiTZ.

“… by tomorrow morning the war will not end.”

“As for Stoltenberg’s statement, this is his personal opinion, based, of course, on the amount of information that he has. Perhaps he made this statement when NATO generals assessed the balance of power on the battlefield, assessed the ability of the West to help Ukraine, assessed the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, assessed the capabilities of the Russian army as well – and came to the conclusion that the war will not end by tomorrow morning, ”said expert.

According to him, one does not need to be a genius to understand that the war will not end this year. There is a certain amount of truth in Stoltenberg’s words, because the combat potentials of the warring parties are growing: Ukrainian – due to the fact that the West pumps it up, Russian – due to the defense industry, due to mobilization, due to the fact that we are all starting to fight better, Baranets is sure .

“Today we are actually dealing with the fact that on the battlefield two very similar in terms of tactics and armament of the army collided. Such armies cannot be dispersed quickly.”

“Today we are actually dealing with the fact that on the battlefield two very similar in terms of tactics and armament of the army collided. Such armies cannot be quickly dispersed. If the West had not helped Ukraine, then, I think, the NWO could have ended a few months after it began.

But Western aid is playing a bigger and bigger role in Ukraine’s confrontation with Russia. This factor makes not only Stoltenberg, but also our strategists, politicians, generals think that, in general, this our SVO has no horizon yet, ”the colonel explained.

Baranets is convinced that the end of this conflict is in the fog and depends on many factors. Among other things, there are several hypothetical moments that could lead to a quick end to the NMD – for example, the destruction of Zelensky, the destruction of those who will take his place, the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, first near Bakhmut, then at the turn of Slavyansk – Kramatorsk, where, perhaps, the main battle will take place special military operation.

“Also, the NWO will end very quickly if the West stops or drastically reduces the supply of weapons and ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, his reserves are not bottomless. Dozens of factors can be cited – the same military coup in Ukraine, and perhaps the coming to power of some new party that would lead Ukraine along a peaceful road. Who would understand that Ukrainians should not be thrown into the millstones of murder, that Ukrainian resistance is useless even with the help of the West, ”concluded Baranets.

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