The doctor spoke about skin diseases in diabetes

When the organs of the endocrine system are damaged, skin stigmas may appear – signals of a disease. The chief freelance specialist in dermatovenereology and cosmetology of the Ministry of Health of Russia and the Moscow Department of Health, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Potekaev, spoke about this on Monday, February 13, on the air of the Doctor TV channel.

According to the specialist, lipoid necrobiosis, or granuloma annulare, manifests itself in the presence of diabetes mellitus, writes “Paragraph“.

“They can be independent, but they can simply appear long before the onset of diabetes, thereby signaling that there are risks of this disease. Or in really sick people who have developed diabetes, they appear a little later, ”said the specialist.

Potekaev added that other skin diseases can also appear in diabetes mellitus, for example, the so-called diabetic foot, when small vessels are damaged due to trophic disorders and deep ulcers appear.

“There may be other changes on the skin: redness of various kinds, skin defects on the foot. As a matter of fact, the future prospects are not very good if the underlying disease is not treated. In this regard, the diabetic foot is a complex problem for many specialists,” Potekaev concluded.

Earlier, on December 29, a gastroenterologist, nutritionist, culinary blogger Nuria Dianova said that if you have diabetes, you should refrain from eating goji berries.Federal News Agency“.

Prior to this, on January 22, endocrinologist, nutritionist Natalya Lazurenko noted that drinking sugary drinks and soda at night can lead to fluid retention in the body and swelling. You should not, according to the doctor, also drink coffee and green tea at night, as they reduce the level of dopamine and other hormones responsible for calmness. Also, people with overweight, gastritis and diabetes do not need to drink juice at night, as they accelerate the production of insulin.

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