The “European Moldova” National Assembly and the Moldovan political chessboard: Support, indecision, delegates, criticism and a surprise presence


Those who said yes

Among those who have announced their participation are: PLDM.

“PLDM will participate in the National Assembly of the People on May 21, 2023. We consider it important that in these troubled times we send a consolidated and strong message both internally and externally about the will of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to be in the European Romanian value space . This message is even more necessary in view of the European Community Summit on June 1, 2023 that will take place in Chisinau, a Summit that can and must be historic for the Republic of Moldova,” states a statement issued by the party.

European Social Democratic Party (PSDE), the former Democratic Party declared that the Republic of Moldova has only one road, to the west, to Bucharest and to Brussels.

“We, the PSDE team, will be at the Great National Assembly! The political class, all parties with genuine pro-European visions must negotiate and establish an agenda, a concrete plan of action, in order to expedite the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, where we have great arrears, regrettably, but also to do our homework from home in our capacity as a candidate country for joining the European Union”.

And the Party PEACE, led by Gheorghe Cavcaliuc announced that it has delegated its members to the National Assembly, but their purpose will be different from that conceived by the Presidency.

“The PACE Party has delegated for May 21, 2023 several Vice-Presidents of the Party to participate in the Great National Assembly. (…) We will demand from PMAN the resignation of Maia Sandu and PAS and the organization of early Parliamentary and Presidential elections, which will bring PEACE and well-being to Moldova”.

Surprise presence

Although in her announcement, President Maia Sandu stated that she would discuss the National Assembly with the pro-European parties, The Shore Party announces that its members will join the National Assembly, but with a different position.

“We are all meeting on Sunday, May 21, in the center of the capital. (…) We will campaign for uncompromising neutrality. We will campaign for Moldova not to be drawn into the war, we will plead for Moldova’s friendship with everyone, we will campaign for our tough demands for social policies, for the payment of the population’s bills and much, much more. We will definitely meet there on May 21. The stage belongs to the people, so you will have to give way to other political leaders with other views, to allow them to express their opinion to the common people in the villages and cities. Later, perhaps, you will mature and decide to organize a referendum on your ideas, which you know from the beginning will not pass. That is why, dear friends, on May 21, we invite all supporters of political forces who share a different opinion than that of Maia Sandu and believe that Moldova must respect the Constitution and neutrality, be friends with everyone and not spit in the well from which he has been drinking for so long,” the statement issued by the party states

They haven’t decided yet

President Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldovaex-prime minister Ion Chicu declared that the president’s initiative is a good one, only that it will be impossible to achieve in the context of the current state of emergency, which was recently extended.

“Seriously, participation in this event is possible and justified, only if Maia Sandu and her group cancel all dictatorial decisions, abolish the State of Emergency, cancel the SIS law and allow the opposition access to National Television. Otherwise, the “big meeting” will be a pas-ist tussovka, which only discredits the beautiful idea”, said ion Chicu.

After taking over the position of executive secretary of Socialist Party, ex-president Igor Dodon declared that Maia Sandu’s announcement is a political PR.

“The assembly can be qualified as a party rally at the expense of the state, because statements have already been made by Maia Sandu herself that the mayors will get involved in bringing people – this is the use of administrative resources. With this, Maia Sandu tries to show an artificial support for the vector of European integration, preparing public opinion and that outside the country for the event at the beginning of June, when the arrival of several leaders of European states is expected in the Republic of Moldova. But if she wants to find out the public opinion, Maia Sandu could organize a referendum on this subject and there it will be clear what the support for this vector will be”.

A short time later, a statement was published on the Party’s page, by which it is understood that the socialists will not participate in the PMAN rally.

“Getting closer to Europe is not done through rallies organized once every few years and then forgotten by everyone. However, any decision regarding the foreign policy of a state is not approved by actions directed by a single person, but in strict accordance with the country’s Constitution – by referendum”, the PSRM press release states.

President The DA platformDinu Plîngău stated that he had discussions with the representatives of the Presidency during which he received assurances that the event on May 21 will not be a simple PR work for the governing party.

“I received assurances that they are ready to analyze the proposals of the DA Platform on several projects in the field of justice and local public administration, so we requested the convening of the National Political Council of the DA Platform to discuss our participation in the event on May 21 and prepare a document with concrete proposals for the May 21 event to have continuity by assuming firm commitments from all parties that have European Integration as a major objective in their statutes and political program,” wrote Dinu Plîngău.

President CUB partyIgor Munteanu mentioned that the rally to be held on May 21 will not solve the essential problems.

“Let’s talk about the harness. Society is deeply disappointed by the way the Republic of Moldova is administered, and this reality cannot be put in parentheses. A national rally cannot solve such a serious problem as the skills shortage. Accession to the European Union depends on the results in increasing welfare, eradicating corruption, less on the “historical” pictures that the government’s image advisers will prepare. (…) Because we believe that the natural place of the Republic of Moldova is in Europe, let’s not protect the corrupt from criminal investigations, from investigations into the money mined on rigged transactions just because they are “ours” – this is the map European integration that we expect from the head of state. We are open to dialogue and unity because that is what defines us,” said Igor Munteanu.

We specify that at the time of publishing this article, the other parties such as Our Party, the Liberal Party, the Communist Party, as well as the MAN Party of mayor Ion Ceban have not come with an official reaction to Maia Sandu’s announcement.


p class=”mb-8 px-6 md:px-0 font-bitter text-s17-l170 md:text-s18-l170 text-c121212″>We remind you that on April 10, President Maia Sandu addressed all citizens, calling them to the “European Moldova” National Assembly, which is to take place on May 21, 2023.

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