The expert spoke about the features when choosing a house to buy

First of all, when buying a house, you should pay attention to the land, says Alexey Lashko, financial expert, head of the Assistance Group. He told Izvestia about this on February 15, naming several more important factors in the acquisition of real estate.

“Usually, in order to save money, houses are built on small plots – five to six acres. During subsequent operation, this will not be enough, at least nine to ten acres are recommended. If you have a choice, it is better to take a house a little more expensive and with a large plot of land. But keep in mind that in the future this will increase maintenance costs (additional buildings, plantings, lawns, etc.),” he explained.

Secondly, the expert recommended assessing the situation with communications at the site: see which well, its depth, water quality, soil.

“Next is electricity: what phase, what power, so that in the future you will comfortably have enough for all your necessary needs,” he added.

In addition, you need to find out what is located next to the site, which neighbors.

“If we talk about the house itself, then attention should be paid first of all to the foundation: there should be no cracks on the walls, there should be no structural changes in the building. Next, we look at the walls, their thickness, insulation, it is desirable to understand the construction technology,” said Lashko.

You also need to pay attention to the windows. According to the expert, if a house is built for sale, then usually the cheapest windows are installed – as a result, they will have to be replaced. Large windows can let in more cold air in winter, and in summer with such windows it can be hot in the room.

Lashko advised me to find out if there was a technical room under the roof. If it is not there, then in the summer the roof will be very hot, he said.

“Of course, a house is a place where you will have to invest constantly. A homeowner has a lot of expenses that a resident of an MKD (apartment building. – Ed.) does not have. But there are certainly many advantages of living in the house, ”concluded the expert.

Earlier, at the end of January, the owner of the Dom Lazovsky construction company, Maxim Lazovsky, told Izvestia that prices for standard-class country houses decreased by 5-10% in December 2022, developers did not revise this figure in January. According to the expert’s forecast, in March, before the start of the season, they may drop to another 5%.

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