The expert told about ways to extend the battery life in a laptop

Leaving the laptop on charge all night can harm the device, but in some cases it is worth working on a laptop only when it is constantly connected to the mains. The expert of the service center “Your Service” Alexander Kopychev spoke in an interview with “Gazeta.Ru” about the nuances of working with laptops.

As the expert said, despite the fact that modern laptops use sensors that prevent excessive battery charging, its prolonged connection to the electrical network can lead to battery swelling.

“Quite often, devices that are constantly powered from the network end up in a service with a swollen battery (battery). When swollen, it can cause not only deformation of the laptop case, but also disable important elements of the system, ”he explained, adding that the best solution is to turn off the laptop at night from the network.

At the same time, Kopychev noted that when working with programs and video games that are demanding on the operation of a video card, a laptop needs a constant connection to the electrical network, since without constant recharge and at high loads, the battery quickly runs out.

“At the same time, the lower the charge, the harder the internal power saving system operates, which limits the power of the computer. Simply put, programs that are demanding on hardware when running a laptop from the network will work more slowly and slow down more, ”the expert emphasized.

Kopychev also reminded that there is no need to remove the battery during long periods of inactivity and added that regular battery calibration will also help extend its life.

“By calibration, I mean a cycle of full charge and then discharge of the battery to 10-15%. This procedure will slow down the wear of the maximum capacity of the battery, and therefore extend its service life,” the specialist said.

Earlier, on January 18, Denis Kuskov, CEO of the Telecom Daily electronics agency, said that some habits in using a laptop can significantly shorten its life. The expert stressed that you need to be careful with the laptop power cable (cord) and not twist it. In addition, you can not completely discharge the battery, as the battery will quickly become unusable.

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