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February 17, 2023, 14:42 – BLiTZ – News

The servicemen of the Russian army have been fighting for 358 days as part of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, as they have not fought since 1945. Without rest, without pity for yourself and the enemy.

The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to talk about the exploits that Russian military personnel demonstrate during the NMD, thanks to their courage and professionalism.

Private Lavrenty Stepanov

Private Lavrenty Stepanov, who served in the rocket artillery battalion, performed the tasks of artillery support for the advancing Russian military units.

During the attack on the positions of the Russian military by the nationalists, Lavrenty Stepanov, as part of his calculation, took an unequal battle with the enemy.

Lavrenty and his crew quickly navigated in a difficult situation, took an advantageous position and proceeded to defeat enemy targets. Thanks to their actions, five pieces of enemy equipment were destroyed, which made it possible to repel two attacks of militants.

Ensign Nikita Kritsky

Ensign Nikita Kritsky served in a medical platoon and was sent to one of the settlements liberated from militants to provide medical assistance and evacuate the wounded. The enemy tried to regain control over the village and fought with artillery and mortars.

Despite the constant fire, Kritsky personally provided medical assistance to more than ten seriously wounded servicemen, and then evacuated them from the battlefield. During the day, he continued to support their vital functions, and then ensured their evacuation with the help of army aviation. Photo: / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

During the hostilities, Nikita provided medical assistance to more than 100 servicemen. He repeatedly went out at night to the area of ​​​​contact with the enemy in order to save the lives of wounded comrades, even at the risk of his own life.

Thanks to the courage and determination of Ensign Kritsky, the lives of servicemen who received moderate and severe wounds were saved.

Senior Sergeant Nikolai Matrenitsky

Senior Sergeant Mykola Matrenitsky commanded the crew of the T-80 tank, which took part in the defense of one of the settlements, holding back the superior forces of Ukrainian armored units. During the battle, he personally destroyed two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles and a large number of enemy personnel.

A few days later, Nikolai Matrenitsky took part in the counteroffensive, where, risking his life, he took a position on the path of the militants’ advance and covered the area where Russian motorized rifle units were concentrated.

In the subsequent offensive battle, his crew brilliantly maneuvered and deftly navigated the terrain, destroying the enemy infantry fighting vehicle and a large number of enemy manpower, which forced the militants to retreat due to significant losses.

Thanks to the courage, courage and courage of Senior Sergeant Matrenitsky and his crew, favorable conditions were created for the offensive of the Russian troops.

Junior Sergeant Pavel Kocherezhesky

Junior Sergeant Pavel Kocherezhesky, who was part of the Airborne Forces unit, held the stronghold.

During the battle, he showed courage and determination, competently using small arms and blocking the actions of the enemy, who was trying to bypass the Russian paratroopers from the flank. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

Conducting aimed fire, he managed to destroy up to seven people from the enemy group.

Thanks to the courage and dedication of junior sergeant Kocherezhesky, the task of protecting the stronghold was successfully completed.

Private Kirill Avivov

Private Kirill Avivov was a member of a tank platoon and performed a combat mission of providing fire support to advancing motorized rifle units. Skillfully managing his equipment, he was able to overcome more than 10 km under enemy artillery and mortar fire and take up a firing position in a timely manner.

During the battle, his crew knocked out two Ukrainian tanks, and also suppressed enemy firing points.

Thanks to the decisive actions of Private Avivov, Russian troops were able to break through the enemy defenses and take advantageous lines without loss.

Junior Sergeant Alexei Fomin

Junior Sergeant Alexei Fomin took part in a special military operation and performed a combat mission to directly cover Russian motorized rifle, tank and airborne units from enemy air strikes.

He was on the front line of defense, occupying an equipped camouflaged position, and conducted visual observation of the airspace in a given sector. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

During the observation, Junior Sergeant Fomin discovered the approach of an enemy aircraft. Quickly assessing the situation, he took aim and fired a missile from a man-portable air defense system that hit the plane. As a result of the hit, the plane caught fire, began to descend and crashed in the forest belt.

Thanks to the professional actions of junior sergeant Alexei Fomin, an enemy aircraft with ammunition was shot down, which was heading to the area where our units were located.

Captain Erik Karkusov

Captain Erik Karkusov participated in a special military operation, where he performed the tasks of providing fuel for the advancing Russian units.

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the main forces of the regiment with fuel and lubricants, Captain Karkusov repeatedly performed combat missions in the zone of contact with the enemy.

While refueling equipment, his unit was attacked by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Ukrainian nationalists.

Captain Karkusov instantly assessed the situation and organized the defense of the gas station area. With the skillful management of the fire of his subordinates, he fettered the actions of the advancing militants, allowing the equipment to be evacuated to a safe place.

The enemy sabotage group, having suffered losses, was forced to retreat. The bold and courageous actions of Captain Karkusov made it possible to save personnel and equipment.

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