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The fabricated victimhood of Muslims in India


The fabricated victimhood of Muslims in India

Radhika Singh

“India needs to cherish and nurture its Muslim population that is integrated and considers itself Indian”, said former US president Barack Hussein Obama. Understandably, the former President knew nothing about the tens of thousands of Indian Muslims who celebrate every time bravehearts of the Indian armed forces are martyred in a terrorist encounter, and mourn when a terrorist is shot dead.

While agents of Islamism masquerading as liberals are working overtime to spread the “Muslims are being victimized in India” narrative, it is crucial for modern western democracies to learn how Islam has been brutalizing India for centuries, and despite the republic structure replacing monarchies and democracy overthrowing feudalism, the South Asian democracy still reels under the Islamic invasion that commenced a thousand years ago.

While the Arabic invaders are known to have invaded Hindu temples with lightning speed, multiple times, leftist historians held that these repeated plunderings were guided by the greed for riches and not from the burning hatred for the Kaffirs. What needs to be pointed out is that the Arab plunderers didn’t just leave with the gold and the rubies. They ravaged the temples and crushed the idols of the deities. And that the leftists conceal, out of deep-rooted hatred for the idol-worshippers, the non-Muslims.

Had it been the greed for wealth alone that motivated the invaders, Bakhtiyar Khilji wouldn’t have burnt down the great three-storey Nalanda library that housed over 9 million books containing precious and diverse knowledge in medicine, astronomy, science, and many other fields benefiting humankind. The fire burned for three months. Imagine the tolerance of Indians that still allow a railway station, Bakhtiyarpur Junction, to be named after this barbarian, just an hour away from the former library site.

The South Indian Tipu Sultan was notorious for the brutal persecution of Hindus and Christians, and for carrying out forced conversions. The Muslim-abetting governments of India celebrate this brutal Sultan’s birth anniversary, despite the fact that he once urged the Islamic rulers of the far-off Arab lands to invade India.  Anecdotes of Islamic atrocities are frequent in 1000 years of Indian history; Hindus are tolerant while Muslims defend and take pride in the brutality of their historical ancestors.

Muslims in modern India accuse Hindus of being intolerant, conveniently forgetting  how 70 years ago, Islamists dismembered this country to carve out an Islamic nation.

After Muslim leaders such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy called for the genocide of thousands of unarmed Hindus by calling for Direct Action Day and the Noakhali Riots, a referendum was held for eligible Muslims to vote for or against the creation of Pakistan. The outcome of that vote is general knowledge.  Did they all relocate to that newly formed Islamic paradise?

Students in colleges such as Aligarh Muslim University reverently hold portraits of Jinnah on the Indian university campus, making light of the numerous Hindu deaths he caused. Students of Jamia Milia University eulogize terrorists from Pakistani jihad terror outfits who were killed in a firefight with the Indian Army. Hindus tolerate this. Had the Hindus been intolerant, they would have demanded that Hinduism be declared as the state religion of the remaining India. But they bowed down to the “secularism” enforced by the Muslim-favoring government.

Distorted stories of Muslim Victimhood

Sikhs, Jains and Christians are the religious minorities in India. Presenting Muslims (who at 180 million, stand tall as the second-largest religious group) as the perennially victimized minority is a political strategy executed deftly by Muslim-abetting political parties and their allies.

The well-connected media ecosystem that is burning the midnight oil to apprise the world of how one poor Muslim was lynched by the Hindus cleverly hides details such as “this Muslim was a thief caught by locals while on his ‘business’; he was beaten but handed over alive and well to the local police, and died of a heart attack“. Before buying these distorted sob-stories, take a minute to think how would you treat a robber who broke into your house.

Stories of “Muslim lynched for beef” started floating suddenly after the pro-Muslim party lost the general elections in 2014. Indian Christians consume beef, too; have you ever read reports of a Christian being lynched for this in India? Mainstream media outlets that despise the Christians in Western countries equally are employed only to generate sympathies for Muslims, although they do so based on fabrication and the forgery of facts. Most of the “Muslim lynched for beef”, “Muslim lynched for Hindu religious slogan” stories were determined to be fake in the courtroom.

Intolerance of India’s Second Largest Religious Group

A Hindu woman, Jahnobi Gogoi of Assam’s Nazira, was attacked by machete-wielding Muslim neighbours for watching television at her residence last week. Strangled and hit brutally by Samiruddin Ali and Modibul Rahman, Jahnobi was threatened with dire consequences for watching television during Ramadan by the local Muslims.

After Tablighi Jamaat members accelerated the spread of Covid-19 in India, TJ supporter Mohammad Sona shot a Dalit man dead in Uttar Pradesh for criticizing the outfit in April 2020.

Back in January, enraged by a frivolous quarrel among children, Muslim neighbours set Dhanprasad on fire in Madhya Pradesh.

A poor farmer was charred to death by his Muslim neighbors for celebrating India’s victory against Pakistan during the Cricket World Cup held last year.

These are just a few of a plethora of instances.

Muslims claim absolute rights over towns and neighborhoods where they dominate numerically, and attack non-Muslim marriage processions, Hindu religious processions, or Hindu pilgrims walking barefoot through their colonies. After Kashmir, Hindus in Kairana and Meerut were chased out of their homes. Hindu celebrations are deferred in order to accommodate Muslim festivities falling in the same time of the year.

200-strong Muslim mob vandalized a hospital and attacked residential doctors after a patient of advanced age succumbed to his medical condition in West Bengal; the state police overlooked the incident in order to protect “secularism”.

While Muslims go about their economic activities flaunting their skull caps and waving their Islamic flag high, they call the police on poor Hindu fruit vendors for positioning religious emblems on their vending cart. The Muslim-favoring cops rush to intimidate these vendors, despite the “Freedom of Religion” being granted by the Indian constitution to all citizens equally.

The constitution grants the Freedom of Expression also, but that doesn’t stop Indian Islamists from pursuing Middle Eastern authorities to apprehend and penalize Indians in those Islamic countries should they express an idea that is remotely hurtful to the fragile Islamist ego.

The quintessential proof of Islamists’ intolerance is the recent anti-CAA riots. Millions of Indian Muslims are upset with a law introduced to rescue Hindus, Christians and Sikhs who are suffering religious persecution in neighboring Islamic countries, without challenging the status of Muslims in India.

The Hindus have learned to live with all this, without crying victimhood bitterly and incessantly. The media, since its dawn in India, has been conditioned to suppress these incidents and highlight them only when the religious identities of the victims and perpetrators are switched.

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  1. David

    May 10, 2020 at 12:24

    Informative news source indeed.

  2. Holylama

    May 10, 2020 at 18:38

    Sadly many Hindus don’t realise and support other Hindus. Secularism has become pain for India.

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