The former prime minister of Slovakia predicted the future of Russia with the words: “Europe needs a superpower”

March 10 – BLiTZ. Former Slovak Prime Minister Jan Czarnogursky, who is known for his Russophile views, shared his assumptions about the future of Russia in an interview with Tsargrad.

He believes that Eastern Europe needs its own superpower to be independent of America and other global players, and that Russia can play this role. Charnogursky is convinced that in 20 years no one will dispute Russia’s status as one of the world’s superpowers.

He also expressed the opinion that the inhabitants of Russia are in better conditions than the representatives of the “democratic world”, and that the Russians are freer people, with whom it is easier to negotiate than with the inhabitants of Western Europe.

Czarnogursky also believes that the West is afraid of Russia and the Russian people, and therefore does not like them. He took part in the founding Congress of the International Russophile Movement in Moscow, where public figures from 40 countries united in support of Russia’s special historical mission to protect traditional values.

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