The government allocated 66.5 million lei for the payment of membership fees to international organizations. Funding of the MIR post, cancelled


The Republic of Moldova, from taxpayers’ money, will provide zero lei for propaganda and disinformation. Financial contributions to several international organizations were approved today. For the first time, our country will not provide money for the MIR interstate television, which during this period provided materials that were qualified by national institutions as inciting war and promoting disinformation.

Author: Daniel Vodă, Government spokesman

We remind you that, on March 20, the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration approved positively the Government’s initiative to denounce the financing agreement for the Teleradiocompanie’s activity and its activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the document, this initiative aims to protect the national audiovisual space and ensure informational security, taking into account the situation related to regional security and the danger to national security, caused by the aggression of the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

It should be mentioned that “MIR” is a media structure of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the founder of the television stations “Mir TV” and “Mir 24”, which does not hold a broadcast license issued by the Audiovisual Council and, respectively, is not a provider of media services under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova.

In response, Moscow threatened “a proportionate response, including economic sanctions,” according to a statement by President Vladimir Putin’s Human Rights Council member Alexandr Brod.

How many organizations are we part of?

According to the informative note of the draft Government decision, our country pays membership fees to 67 international and regional organizations, namely 5 parliamentary organizations, 55 international organizations and 7 CIS organizations.

The budget allocations for the year 2023 for this purpose represent an increase of 6.6% or about 4.1 million lei compared to those approved for the year 2022. The basic factors are: the increase in the budgets of international organizations in relation to the level of inflation, the international sanctions applied to the Federation Russian as a result of the military aggression launched in Ukraine (example: Council of Europe and the Danube Commission) and the fluctuation of the exchange rate

91.7% of the 66.5 million lei allocated or 61 million lei are intended for payment of membership fees and approx. 8.3% (5.5 million lei) are for paying the debts of the previous years, in this case to the International Labor Organization and the CIS single budget.


p class=”mb-8 px-6 md:px-0 font-bitter text-s17-l170 md:text-s18-l170 text-c121212″>The largest contribution paid by our country is that for the Council of Europe, which, together with voluntary contributions, amounts to 462,926 euros or 9.9 million lei.

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