“The government is among the organizers of the National Assembly.” Details about the event to be held in the center of the capital


“The State Chancellery sent the City Hall the reservation notification of the Great National Assembly Square. Both the prime minister and all ministers will attend the national assembly. (…) The State Chancellery, the government is among the organizers, we are talking about formalities related to securing reservations, participation, other details I will communicate along the way”, said Daniel Vodă.

Asked if the central authorities will provide money from the state budget for the organization of the event, the Government spokesperson stated that at the current stage there is no talk of using administrative resources, but he promised to come up with details in the following briefings.

Daniel Vodă also mentioned that, in the context in which PMAN was reserved for demonstrations by the PSRM and the Şor Party, the law enforcement officers will take care of the safety of the event.

“The authorities demonstrated, through colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and law enforcement institutions, that they always knew how to do their job. Respectively, the authorities will also take care this time that all the actions, which take place in a democratic way, take place without violations, without disturbing the world involved. I want to mention that this appeal was launched specifically to show that in our country people value democracy, the rule of law and the direction of orientation – accession to the European Union. These values ​​are inherent in the tools we use at the Government”, said Daniel Vodă.

At the same time, the spokesperson of the Government mentioned that the information according to which several officials were forced to participate in the event is a lie.

“No one is forcing anyone to participate in the event. The free expression of this will must be present. Such accusations are baseless and we categorically reject them. No one is obliged, it is a voluntary action”, said Vodă.

We specify that, on April 10, President Maia Sandu addressed all citizens, calling them to the “European Moldova” National Assembly, which is to take place on May 21, 2023.

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