The Governor targeted the State Election Commission regarding the violence, said, you did not follow your duties


Only 48 hours are left for the Panchayat elections in West Bengal. Even before that, news of violence and bloodshed is continuously coming to the fore. West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose has reprimanded the State Election Commission and State Election Commissioner Rajiv Sinha. Governor CV Anand Bose said that who is responsible for the incidents in Bhangad, Purulia, Basanti, the Election Commission should answer this.

Politics of violence will not work in Bengal: Governor

The governor says that people’s lives are being played in Bengal. I have seen tears of people. The children are crying. State Election Commission should stop playing political Holi with the blood of people. Addressing the commission, the governor said, ‘Who is responsible for the incidents in Bhangarh, Cooch Behar, Purulia, Basanti? Who is responsible for so many deaths, the commission will have to answer.

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State Election Commissioner ‘You have failed in your duty’

Democracy has been murdered in the state in the panchayat elections. The Election Commission should fulfill its responsibility properly. Being the head of Bengal, how is he sitting silently after seeing so much violence. Earlier, there were repeated reports of tension between the Governor and the Election Commission. On this day, the Governor directly targeted Rajiv Sinha. Said State Election Commissionerw you have failed in your duty. I hired you. But you have disappointed the people of the state. The State Election Commissioner could save people from violence with just one phone call. But he did not take any action.

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