The Hungarian Foreign Ministry announced the preparation of the visit of Prime Minister Orban to Kyiv

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban intends to come to Kyiv when the visit is relevant. This was announced on February 23 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto.

“The Foreign Ministry is currently working on the preparation of the visit,” the diplomat said in an interview with the publication. Index.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister added that he had not received an invitation to visit the Ukrainian capital. However, he is ready to pay a visit if the topics for discussion and the time of the meeting are agreed.

In addition, Szijjarto drew attention to the struggle of Budapest for the rights of Hungarian minorities in Ukraine to study in their native language.

“We would like the Hungarians to get back the rights they had in Ukraine in 2014,” he concluded.

Szijjártó has repeatedly said that Budapest wants an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and the start of peace talks.

So, on February 15, he said that Budapest is in favor of early negotiations to resolve the situation in Ukraine, and the rest of the European Union (EU) members are waiting for more favorable conditions for Kyiv. The diplomat called on the parties to the conflict to stop the fire and sit down at the negotiating table.

In addition, in the light of the latest anti-Russian sanctions, as well as inflation and the energy crisis in Europe as side effects of restrictions, Budapest consistently defends its position on restrictive measures, which differs from the views of most European states.

So, on January 27, Orban guaranteed a veto on European sanctions against Russian nuclear energy. On February 4, the country’s Energy Ministry also opposed further expansion of restrictions on Russian energy resources, pointing out the risks of destabilizing supplies due to oil imports from distant regions.

Earlier in the month, the Hungarian prime minister announced the failure of the sanctions policy of Germany and the European Commission.

Western countries have stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia against the backdrop of a special military operation to protect the population of Donbass. The decision to start it was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to Ukrainian shelling.

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