The import of natural gas in the Republic of Moldova has doubled over the course of a year. The route from source and price to liabilities


The statistics published by the National Bank of Moldova (BNM), in the report “The international accounts of the Republic of Moldova in 2022 (provisional quarterly data)”, contradict the information regarding the gas import from Romania, as an alternative to that supplied by Gazprom, states MoldStreet.

At the end of last year, information appeared that Transgaz, a Romanian company, would export gas to the Republic of Moldova. However, the service that would have been provided is only that of transport.

According to NBM data, in 2022 the Republic of Moldova imported gas worth about 798 million dollars, which is almost double compared to 2021 and about five times more than in 2020.

In the IV quarter, the import of natural gas increased by 5.6%, amounting to 230.03 million dollars, while the physical volume decreased by 37.5%.

The increase in the value of methane imports was due, in particular, to the increase in the price of energy resources at the global and regional level, but also to the reorientation towards other markets, the banking authority claims.

This evolution was due to the beginning of the process of reorientation of natural gas imports.

Author: National Bank of Moldova, report

At the same time, the institution declares that “in the fourth quarter of 2022, Greece supplied the Republic of Moldova, for the first time in history, with natural gas worth 91.83 million dollars”.

This amount represents about 40% of the value of gas imports in the fourth quarter of 2022 and about 11.5% of the annual value.

The largest amount came from Russia, from Gazprom. We remind you that, from the beginning of December 2022, all the volume of gas imported from Russia to the Republic of Moldova, about 5.7 million cubic meters per day, is delivered to the Transnistrian region.

The needs of consumers in the Republic of Moldova on the right bank of the Dniester are ensured from direct purchases or from the stock market, made by the company Energocom, which then delivers it to Moldovagaz.

The gross external debt of the Republic of Moldova increased by 8% during 2022 and represented 65.6% compared to GDP, more precisely 9,457,800,000 dollars.

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