The lease holders of Odisha are picking up the sand of Jharkhand, the poor are troubled and the mafia is getting rich.


West Singhbhum Sand is not available to build houses in Jaintgarh and surrounding areas. Local people have to buy sand from Odisha at double the price. According to the information, the lease holders of Odisha are stealing sand from Jharkhand and selling it to the people there at double the price. Due to non-management of sand ghats, the wheel of development of the area has stopped. Most of the PM housing and toilet construction works are pending.

2500-3000 per tractor selling Odisha’s sand in Jharkhand

Due to lack of sand, the work of housing of the beneficiaries is not being completed. People are buying sand from the neighboring state of Odisha at double the price to build houses. In Jaintgarh, 100 CFT sand is being sold for Rs.2500-3000 per tractor. At the same time, some people are also engaged in black marketing of sand secretly in the dark of night to make huge amount of money.

The lease holders of Odisha are picking up the sand of Jharkhand

There are more than two dozen sand ghats on both sides of the Kangira river, including Muchi village, Khuntiapada, Barla, Turli, Put village and Mandal sand ghats in Mandal Panchayat of Jagannathpur block. There are sand ghats like Gamuria, Kunwa Pada and Padsa etc. in Gumuria block. The villagers told that 10 years ago, the Jharkhand government had made arrangements for these sand ghats. After the expiry of the three-year lease period, these ghats have not been re-settled till now. Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is situated on the other end of these ghats. There are at least one and a half dozen small and big sand ghats in Mayurbhanj on this river. Most of these ghats have been auctioned by the Odisha government.

The poor are troubled and the mafia is getting rich

Due to lifting of sand from Odisha region, a pit is being formed in the Ghat. After this, the sand of Jharkhand region is moving towards Odisha. The lease holders of Odisha are excavating sand even after entering the Jharkhand region. AJSU Vice President Gangadhar Mahato said that the revenue is suffering a lot. The poor are suffering and the mafia is getting rich. The district administration should get the temporary lease done for the development plan by forming a beneficiary committee through gram sabha.

Neither the map is being passed in Ranchi, nor is sand being found!

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