The mayor of Kanpur will give this proposal to the government that only Hindus can buy Hindu houses and Muslim houses


Kanpur : Mayor Pramila Pandey is in discussions. On Tuesday, he has given a big statement regarding Muslims. The mayor has said that she will demand from the government that Hindu houses should be bought by Hindus and Muslim houses by Muslims. This should become law. The mentality of Muslims regarding the encroachment of temples is very bad. This should be strictly banned. The Mayor says that we had identified 125 temples in Kanpur which have been completely encroached upon by Muslims. Temples were freed from encroachment. Will go. Illegal occupation of lands should be completely vacated. The mayor has reprimanded the regional people and asked them to vacate the encroachments around the temple.

Complaint reached, order to demolish the house

Let us tell that the regional councilor had complained to the mayor about the illegal occupation of temples. After this, Munshi reached Purva on Tuesday. Seeing the illegal encroachment around the Hanuman temple here, the Mayor’s temperature became high. Here 5 houses had big balcony and windows were opened towards the temple. The same garbage was being thrown daily near the idol of Lord Hanuman. The mayor called all the encroachers and reprimanded them. A two-storey house was illegally built in the Munshipurwa Dharamshala campus in the nearby Municipal Corporation Park. Gave orders to demolish this too.

Campaign was run before

Mayor Pramila Pandey had started a big campaign in the year 2022 also regarding the illegal encroachments in the temples. Most of the temples were occupied in Muslim-majority areas only. Many temples were also found in which even biryani was being cooked in the campus. But on June 3, 2022, this campaign was stopped after the violence in Kanpur. Today again this campaign has started.

Mayor warned of action

Let us tell you that on the complaint of the regional councilor, Munshi had come to inspect in Purva, during this, seeing the illegal occupation there, her temperature had become high. Talking to the media, the mayor told that this house belonged to Shivmurat about 20 years ago. He had sold it to the family of Mohd. Eklakh. At that time it was decided that neither any door nor any window would be opened towards the temple. The family of Mohd. Eklakh opened the door of the temple and also took out the big balcony . At the same time, with the intention of destroying the well built nearby, regular garbage is being thrown on it. On the complaint made regarding this, the mayor instructed the regional people that strict action will be taken against re-occupation.

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