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The Moderate Jordanian Opposition sees Hamas inside royal palace


The Moderate Jordanian Opposition sees Hamas inside royal palace

Jordanian Benjamin, Exclusive for Blitz

Editor’s Note: Blitz does not recognize any Palestinian state, because, Palestinians are illegal invaders. Jordan is actually the land of the Palestinians, where they should return. This newspaper clearly rejects the false statehood of Palestinians and demands shifting administration of the Temple Mount from the Islamic Waqf to Israeli authorities. Clearly, Jordanian authorities are committing serious crimes by sheltering notorious Hamas terrorists including Ahlam Tamimi and other members of the mega-terror outfit. At the same time, Jordanian queen Rania’s business connections with Saddam Hussein’s daughter Raghad and helping her in funding Islamic State (ISIS) clearly is a crime punishable under international law. Western nations must exert pressure on King Abdullah to immediately handover Ahlam Tamimi to the United States or Israel and ask Queen Rania to stop patronizing and abetting Raghab and her funding of Islamic State. 

Many observers have been noticing the rise of Jordanian opposition groups, which are calling to topple King Abdullah and his regime for the best of the country. One of those groups that are called the Moderate Jordanian Opposition (MJO) has gained eye-catching attention for its unorthodox opinions that are seen by many as unprecedented not only in Jordan but in all the Arab Countries.

Blitz contributor in Jordan has had the chance to speak to the founder of this movement in an exclusive interview to understand their ideology and mission for the new Jordan. The founder preferred to be called Thaer, an Arabic name that means rebel. The interview is presented below:

Blitz: Thank you for talking to us today Mr. Thaer, we are glad to have you at Blitz.

Thaer: You are welcome, it is my pleasure. I am honored to talk your free voice media and believe Blitz will play an important role in establishing democracy in the Middle East by ousting those authoritarian monarchs.

Blitz: Can we ask you more about the Moderate Jordanian Opposition, what does it stand for and when did it start?

Thaer: The Moderate Jordanian Opposition is a movement that came out in 2013 as a result of being fed up from this failing King and his Regime, when we called it moderate because it is meant to be for real moderate Jordanians and to distinguish it from the opposition that is rising from destructive ideologies like Islamization, Arab Nationalism or Globalization.

Blitz:  Interesting, so you feel that all those “destructive ideologies” you mentioned have been failing Jordan?

Thaer:  Yes, and they have been used and advocated by the bad Regime of Abdullah and his family that has been occupying Jordan for almost 100 years.

Blitz:  You say occupation, so do you think King Abdulla’s regime is illegitimate?

Thaer: Yes, it is totally unelected and was deployed in Jordan on top of our will.

Blitz: Speaking about a mainstream topic in the media these days, how do you see Princess Haya Fleeing Dubai?

Thaer: I feel disgusted as a Jordanian to see some fake western human rights activists backing that Dictator of Jordan sister who is a member of a criminal family have the blood of the Jordanians in their hands. I do not think this is something right, she does not have a case and she definitely does not have a legal ground for asylum.

Blitz: So what are your plans for Jordan? Are you planning for launching any movement in ousting King Abdullah?

Thaer: We have a promising nationalizing plan that is to take back our national assets that were sold by the corrupted dictator Abdullah and to bring them back to the Jordanians. We will extract our oil and build cooperation with our ally countries that will support our development of Jordan. We will also follow the departing Abdullah and his Regime legally to recover the billions that they stole and to pay this back to our hardworking people.

Blitz: Does this mean you will implement a populist system in Jordan?

Thaer: Yes, we will not adhere to the Globalists agenda. They have destroyed Jordan over the past decades and this will not be the new system. Our plan is based on supporting our people and our country to flourish and become great.

Blitz: Jordan has always been described as a place to deploy refugees in the Middle East, what will your stance be should you become in lead?

Thaer:  I just never seemed to understand who are the refugees we have always been taking in Jordan? If you look at it, the hundreds of thousands of Syrians, most of them are economic and opportunist migrants, they are not genuine refugees. Many of them did not come from the areas of struggle; moreover, they are not willing to return now after the situation has improved. What is worse is that they were encouraged to flee to Jordan by Abdullah who saw them as a bargaining card to stay relevant in the international community. He used to fuel the situation in Syria by flooding them with Jihadis from Jordan and his Regime was the responsible one for ISIS creation and Nusra Front, yes the scholars and founders were either Jordanians or were lectured by Jordanians, all of it under the Regime eyes.

If the European countries are concerned of having those refugees going to Europe should they be prevented from settling in Jordan, then we are sorry, it is not our issue, we will only accept genuine refugees and their number is actually limited. The current mess that is has happened since the issue in Syria started was because they considered anyone who comes from Syria is automatically a refugee, this is not the right policy to implement. You need to take each case by its context; otherwise, you will end up freeing every country that has a civil war in some of its areas from its people.

When we get into power, we will do a scientific and professional evaluation of the situation of Syrian Refugees in Jordan, and based on our assessment we will take decisions. Many of the so-called refugees will be returned for sure, and others might be kept for a while until the situation improves in Syria, but eventually, we look forward to returning all the Syrians to their country.

Blitz: How do you see an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Thaer: The solution starts and ends in Jordan. This is something we have been addressing for a long time. When I say this, I am not suggesting transferring the Palestinians to Jordan because this is not going to be allowed by Jordanians or Palestinians. Also, the water resources and geographical limitations of Jordan do not accommodate any population increase. Anyone who proposes a Jordanian Option is just someone who is a stealthy Jihadist that wants an ISIS Hamas state in Jordan. Our plan has been delivered to the US decision-making cycles, and it can deliver an end to the struggle.

Blitz: Can you explain more, please?

Thaer: Sure. Actually, the main reason for the perpetuation of this struggle has been the Jordanian regime. This regime assigns and controls guards at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and these guards belong to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Jordan. Every time the regime in Jordan faces public anger from Jordanians, it tries to transfer its problems to Israel through its agents at the mosque to fuel tensions between Palestinian prayers and Israeli soldiers – such as throwing stones and bringing weapons inside the mosque. Some people refer to Queen Rania recruiting these anti Semite guards under the consent of her vicious husband King Abdullah to support Hamas agenda. The same Rania who dresses western fashion and pretends to be an icon of liberty to the Western world is a member of Hamas.

Another bad strategy by Abdullah and Rania is to indoctrinate Palestinians to become violent. Many of the student’s textbooks that were deemed violent were actually Jordanian textbooks. Still, the regime in Jordan managed to get away with it and the Palestinian authority got the blame. Also, the king’s singers in Jordan keep making songs to incite Palestinians on violence against Jews – these singers get honored by Abdullah and Rania for creating such hatred through music.

More importantly, the king of Jordan coordinates with Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. He influences them to implement his own agenda. He also invites Palestinian civil groups from Ramallah and other cities to Jordan to meet him. I remember many a time, the next day of that meeting you would read about tensions and Palestinians starting to attack Jews on their own land.

As a moderate Jordanian Opposition, once we go to power, the first thing we will do is to de-Islamize the West Bank and Gaza that is to get rid of all those Islamist groups such as Hamas. We will implement military and political plans to achieve this – these Islamist groups are gone when we are in power.

Our final goal is to make the Palestinian society secular non-violent; this will be a ground preparing work for the final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Blitz: When they used to describe you as an unorthodox group, they seem to have been right. Can I ask what are your thoughts about Jerusalem? You surely know it is a vital issue in this struggle

Thaer: As a Moderate Jordanian Opposition, when we go to power, the Jordanian Embassy in Israel will be shifted to Jerusalem.

Blitz: You mentioned de-Islamizing Palestine, are you willing to do this in Jordan too?

Thaer: Sure, Jordan has been taken to the dark ages as a result of the systematic Islamization that was forced on the society by Abdullah and his regime. This was part of his dirty game to portray himself as a liberal leader with his western dressed wife so that to deliver a message to the West that if he falls then the alternative is only Islamists. This is not right, in Jordan, the public mentality is open to change, but the problem is the wrong religious indoctrination that is enforced by Abdullah.

During the era of the British Mandate on Jordan, our women were liberated and they dressed freely in western style, we had a liberal society, it was until this illegitimate royal family grabbed power and allied with their big supporters the Muslim Brotherhood when Jordan was driven to backwardness. Now you can imagine that almost 95 percent of the Jordanian women are wearing burqa or hijab – the epidemic of Islamic extremism has even reached sports; you see football players prostrating after scoring a goal and many other sectors have been fundamentally Islamized by strange concepts.

When we get into power, we will implement a full de-Islamization agenda, we will encourage questioning the religion and free thoughts, any kind of enforcing religion will not be tolerated. The Laws of religious blasphemy will be abolished and the Sharia Courts are not to be influential in life, we will open a logical debate about dismantling those courts.

We will also activate laws to encourage Jews to come and live in Jordan like they used to do many years ago; my hometown city is an old Jewish Israeli one that was inhabited by Israel Tribes. Right now, in Jordan, you see anti-Semitism and hatred towards Jews that was inflicted by Abdulla and his grandparents through their systematic destruction of Jordan.

Blitz: My final question, how big is your base in Jordan? Do you represent many in the community?

Thaer: I believe we have a wide base, but definitely can’t give you figures because you can’t expect people to answer you freely when they are being subject to intellectual terrorism by a terrorist and dictator regime that will imprison them should they express any opposition opinion.

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