The name of a village in Jharkhand was so objectionable that the villagers were ashamed to tell it, now this is the new name


Ranchi: There was such a village in Jharkhand, whose name people used to feel ashamed to tell. The problems of the children of the new generation can be guessed. Especially the problems of girls used to increase a lot when school-college or any stranger used to ask them the name of their village. The name of the village was so objectionable that it was very difficult to bring it on the tongue. People used to make fun of him on hearing his name. People started laughing seeing the name of the village in the caste, residential and income certificates. Eventually the younger generation found a solution and today they proudly name their village.

For years people were worried about the name of their village

The name of a village in Banka panchayat of Mohanpur block of Deoghar district of Jharkhand was quite objectionable. People used to feel shy in telling the name of the village. The youth of the new generation made up their mind to end these problems which have been going on for years and took the help of the Panchayat. The then head of Banka Panchayat Ranjit Kumar Yadav called a meeting of the Gram Sabha to change the name of the village in all the government documents. In this a resolution was unanimously passed to change the old name of the village to Masuria. The entry of the village was made in the name of Masooriya in the documents including all the government offices. Now the name of this village has been registered as Masooriya in the website of Revenue Department as well.

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New name entered in government documents

Now with the new name of the village, people also collect the rent of their land. The name of Masuria was entered in the list of revenue villages of police station and block office along with the revenue village of circle office. Now the work of the development plan operated from the block office is being done in the name of Masuria. Caste, residential and income certificates are also being issued in the name of Masuria to deposit the students in schools and colleges. Students now openly name their village as Masooriya.

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Now proudly tells the name of his village

The then head of Banka Panchayat, Ranjit Kumar Yadav says that the name of the village in the old paper was Bho… quite objectionable. Today’s new generation was ashamed to write the old name of their village. Especially girls used to have difficulty in telling the name of the village in school and college. Now the new name of the village has been changed to Masooriya in all the official documents from Gram Sabha. All the certificates are being issued in the name of Masuria.

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