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The network reports that Iranian warplanes continue to fly over the border with Azerbaijan

                        March 22 - BLiTZ.  The Militarist telegram channel reports on Iranian combat aircraft that have been cruising along the border with Azerbaijan for a long time.

Reports of increased activity of the Iranian Air Force near the Azerbaijani border began to appear on March 11.

On March 21, a new wave of reports about the activity of Iranian warplanes in the north of the country near Azerbaijan followed.

The militarist posted new footage of Iranian aircraft seen in the region.

Recall that relations between Iran and Azerbaijan are going through hard times. Azerbaijan accuses Iran of providing military support to Armenia.

Iran itself denies the veracity of such claims.

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                        IRNA: Iran, Britain, France and Germany held talks to restore the JCPOA in Oslo March 22, 2023 at 19:50                     
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