The neurologist spoke about the lethality of the alleged brain damage in Kostomarov

Brain hematoma is a very dangerous condition, in most cases leading to death or disability of the patient. This was told to Izvestiya by the associate professor of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the KSMU, neurologist Rustem Gayfutdinov on Monday, February 20.

Earlier that day, information appeared in the media that figure skater Roman Kostomarov had a hemorrhage and a brain hematoma. According to the source, otitis media could have caused a complication, reports “Gazeta.Ru”.

As the neurologist explained, when talking about a brain hematoma, it is understood that it arose without an external cause, that is, some kind of traumatic effect.

“The lethality is very high, firstly, it depends on the volume, the place where the hemorrhage occurred. For example, such bad locations as the brainstem or deep hematomas, with a breakthrough into the ventricular system, are difficult to operate on. Mortality from 60–90%. Of course, modern equipped neurosurgical centers show that efficiency can be doubled when performing surgical interventions. If treated conservatively, the lethality will be much higher,” Gaifutdinov emphasized.

At the same time, according to the doctor, even if the patient survives after such an operation, there is a high probability of deep disability. Usually such people need a long rehabilitation.

The specialist clarified that among the diseases the most dangerous in terms of possible cerebral hemorrhage is sinusitis.

“A purulent, chronic focus, and a weakened immune status of a person – this can really lead to the spread of infection beyond the sinuses and, due to the proximity of the meninges, brain structures, all this can really cause a brain hemorrhage,” added Gayfutdinov.

Earlier in the day, an Izvestia source reported that Kostomarov was experiencing liver problems due to swelling and the amount of medication. In addition, computed tomography revealed a small focus of clogged blood vessels in the head, but there was no severe cerebral edema. Currently, the skater is connected to a ventilator.

Before that, on February 16, information appeared that Kostomarov was on the mend.

Kostomarov was hospitalized on January 10. Before that, he complained of weakness and pain in his chest. He was diagnosed with sepsis and left-sided pneumonia, which, according to some reports, progressed to bilateral. In early February, due to the development of gangrene, he underwent operations to amputate his feet and hands. These actions led to a stop of necrosis.

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