The number of apartments for sale double in Moscow

The volume of supply of apartments for 2022 increased by 2.2 times – from 3.6 thousand lots to 7.7 thousand lots. The average proposal budget increased by 20%, to 22 million rubles, VSN Realty analysts told Izvestia.

According to experts, the budgets for buying apartments in premium complexes have grown by 12% over the year. In January 2023, on average, apartments were nominated for 60.2 million rubles, the cost per square meter was 762 thousand rubles, with an average lot area of ​​79 square meters. m, analysts said.

“The largest increase in the number of apartments in the exposition occurred in business class projects – by 125% over the year. With an annual increase in the average supply budget by 8%, to 17.7 million rubles, the weighted average price increased slightly: from 356 thousand to 368 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. m, experts said.

The company also noted interesting annual performance in the segment of comfort-class apartments. With an increase in supply over the year by 111%, in fact, the average price remained the same – 254 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. m in January 2023. At the same time, buyers began to spend more on this product: over the year, the average transaction budget increased by 13%, to 9.5 million rubles, experts said.

Mortgages in 2022 were chosen by 55% of all apartment buyers. This financial instrument was more often used by business-class clients: the number of such transactions increased by 7% over the year. Comfort class, by contrast, showed a slight decline in 2022, analysts added.

“Traditionally, the sales dynamics of apartments is lower than apartments. The annual decline in primary market demand is quite high and is of course largely due to lower mortgage rates for housing. However, we are waiting for more positive figures according to the full data for the beginning of the year,” commented Yana Glazunova, General Director of VSN Realty.

Earlier in March, NDV Supermarket Real Estate experts said that the proportion of second-hand buyers who sold their property in other regions and moved to Moscow had increased to 18% of the total number of transactions since last year.

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