The number of pirated sites with movies and series increased by 64% in a month

In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, the number of pirated sites is growing rapidly, experts at Angara Security told Izvestia. In February 1–10 alone, the number of domain registrations for movies and TV shows increased by 64% compared to the same period in January.

“According to our data, the vast majority of newly created sites belong to pirates,” said Victoria Varlamova, an expert at the Angara Security monitoring and response systems department.

Such activity is due to the fact that attackers “closely follow the content agenda and use it for their own purposes,” she added.

According to the head of the Endpoint Security component of the R-Vision EVO ecosystem, Petr Kutsenko, against the backdrop of sanctions restrictions, there has recently been an increase in the number of pirated sites with films and series, as more and more popular foreign content is removed from legal online cinemas.

“The viewer is accustomed to high-quality Western content. He was taught to pay for it – he paid. Now content is no longer available on paid platforms – the user goes to the pirates, ”said Sergei Sychev, film critic and columnist for Izvestia.

According to him, the ordinary viewer does not care about legal issues. People are accustomed to a certain comfort and will use those platforms where all Hollywood content will be available without ads and in good quality, the expert said.

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