The one who voted in Karnataka got free food, know what is the matter


Karnataka elections ended yesterday. But before that, the High Court gave a big decision with the aim of motivating the voters for voting. In fact, after voting, the court allowed the hotels to serve free food.

what was the whole matter

With the aim of increasing the trend towards voting, the hotel owners of Bangalore offered to serve free food to the voters after voting. On which the Bangalore Municipality objected and put a stop to this decision. Taking a tough stand on this, the State Election Commission gave a stern warning to the hotel operators. After this the Hotel Owners Association and the owners of Naturg Grand Hotel challenged it in the court.

After this, the court quashed the orders of the Election Commission and the Bengaluru Municipality given in this regard. Advocate Satish Bhatt, appearing for the hotel owners, said that this proposal was presented with the aim of spreading awareness among the voters. If this proposal was made a little before the voting, it would have been greed.

But food will be served after checking the black ink in the voter’s finger. After hearing this argument, the court gave permission to serve food. The court said in its order that, “If they claim any such benefit through the press or media, they will be liable to be prosecuted for violation of the Model Code of Conduct.” Here, Krishna Raj SP, the owner of Natura Grand Hotel, welcomed the decision of the court. He said that this step was taken to make people aware about voting. Many hotels in the state had taken this type of initiative.

What does the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission say?

According to the code of conduct of the Election Commission, many types of rules have been made for political parties and candidates before the elections. If under this they cannot offer any kind of greed. This rule is applicable so that elections can be conducted in a free and fair manner.

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