The passenger undressed to the waist on the runway in Domodedovo

The passenger began to take off his outer clothing, being at the gangway of the plane on the runway at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. As eyewitnesses told Izvestia, the incident occurred on the morning of February 19 before flying to Kazan.

According to witnesses of the incident, the man began to behave indecently before the flight and violated public order. As a result, the passenger was disembarked and removed from the flight. However, he decided that he would not just give up, and made a run without clothes on the runway.

On November 24, 2022, it was reported that a criminal case was initiated against a resident of the Magadan Region, who grossly violated public order on board an aircraft by the Moscow-Magadan route.

The investigation established that on November 21, on board the aircraft, the passenger, being in a state of intoxication, used rude and foul language in the presence of the attendants and did not react to the remarks of the flight attendants and other passengers.

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