The political scientist called the date for the creation of the law on the program of the fund to support the participants of the NWO

The fund’s program to support participants in the special operation to protect Donbass may become law from March 1. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Alexei Martynov in an interview with Izvestia on Wednesday, February 22.

“To support the participants of the NWO and [их] families president [России Владимир Путин] proposed to establish a state fund, outlined the sources of filling the fund and the functionality – [это] actually ready-made program, which, I suppose, literally tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be voted on by appropriate decisions in the State Duma and the Federation Council, and will be signed by the president. [После чего] from March 1 it will become a law and will work,” he said.

The political scientist noted that the NVO is the main topic of the message of the Russian leader to the Federal Assembly, the president said many times words of gratitude, listing not only the military, but also all the citizens of the country.

“In this unity of being involved in everything that happens to one degree or another, it doesn’t matter who helps how – who with money, who with participation, who with material things, and someone empathizes and gives the last, despite the fact that he himself does not live very richly”, Martynov added.

The Russian president, in his message to the Federal Assembly on February 21, paid special attention to supporting the participants in the special operation and social support for new regions. In the Russian Federation, a special fund for targeted assistance to the families of fallen soldiers and veterans of the special operation will be created, residents of new regions will be able to receive maternity capital for children born after 2007, on an equal basis with other regions of the country.

In his speech, the president paid special attention to the merits of the participants in the special operation. Putin expressed his gratitude to the military personnel and instructed to establish a regular 14-day vacation at least once every six months for all participants in the NWO.

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