The rain accompanied by strong winds cooled down the heat, people got relief. Water logging, power failure in many localities


Gorakhpur : The weather has once again turned, people have got relief from the scorching heat in Gorakhpur these days. It has rained with strong winds in the surrounding districts including Gorakhpur. Hail has also fallen in many areas of Gorakhpur. Trees have been uprooted at places. Due to which the electric wires have broken in many places. The power system has been affected at many places. Due to strong wind and rain, people have got a lot of relief from this scorching heat, but many localities in Gorakhpur metropolis have been filled with rainwater. There are many localities in Gorakhpur metropolis where rainwater is getting filled every year.

Six year heat record broken

In the last 7 days, the maximum temperature has crossed 40 degrees in 4 days. In the last 6 years, the maximum temperature reached the highest level on May 22 of this year. On May 22, the maximum temperature was recorded at 41.4 degree Celsius. Earlier in 2017, the maximum temperature was recorded at 41.7 degree Celsius. This time the figure of May 22 was about 4 degrees more than the average figure. The rain and strong wind in the late night of May 22 have reduced the heat wave. According to meteorologist Kailash Pandey, atmospheric conditions are being created to get relief from the scorching heat. A Western Disturbance has formed over the mountains of North West.

water logging in gorakhpur

Maximum temperature on 22 May

2020 – 37.9°C

2021 – 34.4°C

2022 – 36.9°C

Temperature data for the last 7 days (in °C)

May 22 41.4

May 21 41.4

20 May 40.0

May 19 39.6

May 18 38.0

May 17 39.7

May 16 42.2

Report – Kumar Pradeep

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