The Russians unraveled the reason for declaring a false air alert in Kyiv – News

February 20, 2023, 17:20 – BLiTZ – News

In Russian social networks, they began to discuss a screenshot of a phone, in which a message warns residents of Kyiv about an upcoming false air alert between 11:00 and 13:00. According to the participants in the discussion, such measures are associated with the arrival of American leader Joe Biden, writes Internet edition “Podmoskovye today”.

Some commenters praised this “great move” by the Kyiv authorities to swindle money from Washington.

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“A great move is to scare Biden with a false alarm so that he invests even more in the“ salvation ”of Ukraine”, “The Circus of Freaks. And all this for what? For money? For civilians, air raid alerts are not a joke at all, why do this? Once again they injure people’s psyche”, “Instructions on how to get more money at the expense of the psyche of the people,” users write.

The Web sees this ploy as a scheme to obtain new bailout packages from the United States. However, many of the commentators state: Biden hardly understands what is happening around.

“What is Zelensky trying to achieve? I am sure that Biden does not understand at all what is happening and where he is. You won’t scare an old man with dementia like that”, “If they wanted to influence Biden like that, then this is definitely a failure. Grandfather will forget about this alarm in 10 minutes,” they say in social networks.

As the BLiTZ wrote, United States President Joe Biden visited Kyiv today. This is the first visit to Ukraine by an American leader in 15 years. In the Ukrainian capital, as well as throughout the republic, an air alert was announced. Biden’s visit was short-lived – by 15:00 Moscow time, the head of the White House had left Ukraine.

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