The Serbian Parliament denied the preparation of sanctions against Russia

The Serbian authorities are not preparing to impose sanctions against Russia. This was announced to Izvestia by the deputies of the National Assembly (parliament) of the republic.

Earlier, information began to actively circulate on the network that the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić, amid pressure from the West, gave the green light to anti-Russian sanctions, and the authorities allegedly began work on the first and second packages of restrictions. In addition, it was reported that a visa regime for Russians could be introduced from March.

“All this is a lie,” Vladimir Dzhukanovic, a deputy from the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, told Izvestia.

As Ivan Kostic, a member of parliament from the Doors party, added, the Serbian leader is unlikely to be allowed to impose sanctions on Moscow at all, since 80% of the citizens of the republic oppose such restrictions.

“Russia is our biggest political ally in the fight to keep Kosovo and Metohija [в составе Сербии] in the UN Security Council. In addition, the President of Serbia said that it is possible to do this (impose sanctions – Ed.), If there is a lot of pressure from the NATO countries, but he did not say when and whether he would do it at all, he told Izvestia.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

They pull – they don’t pull: Serbia does not plan to impose sanctions against Russia

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