The State Duma in March may adopt a law on the arrest without trial of soldiers and sailors

The State Duma in March may adopt a bill “On some features of the application of disciplinary action – disciplinary arrest during the period of mobilization, during the period of martial law, in wartime,” Izvestia found out. The document was developed by the decree of Vladimir Putin by deputies of the lower house from the United Russia faction – the head of the defense committee Andrei Karatapolov and his first deputy Andrei Krasov.

“During the period of mobilization, martial law and in wartime, the issue of ensuring strict observance of military discipline by military personnel, including through the application of disciplinary arrest against them,” the explanatory note to the bill says.

According to its authors, the absence of such punishment reduces the ability of commanders to maintain discipline among subordinates.

According to the bill, disciplinary arrest will be a last resort and will be used in cases where other ways to influence behavior do not work. The authors of the bill included 19 different violations in the list of serious offenses for which they can be arrested. Including unauthorized abandonment of a military unit, evasion of military duties, non-compliance with statutory rules, service in a state of intoxication. Arrest will be applied only to soldiers, sailors, ensigns, midshipmen, sergeants and foremen. That is, this rule does not affect officers.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

Law on order: the State Duma in March may approve the right of the commander to appoint an arrest

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