The State Duma predicted an increase in the standard of living of Russians after Putin’s message

The main task of the Russian authorities now is to ensure the growth of the domestic economy, said Sergey Gavrilov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations. So he commented to Izvestia on the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, which took place on Tuesday, February 21.

As the deputy noted, during his speech, the Russian leader stressed the need to ensure a solid growth in domestic demand. The task of business is to occupy niches after the departure of Western companies. The President emphasized that these changes are necessary for the sovereign development of Russia.

“The point of our work is not to adapt to the current situation, but to ensure a domestically oriented business for the long term. This is not only the re-registration of our companies, previously registered in the EU and the British Isles, to Russia, but also the creation of new developing companies, a fast-growing business, and so on. We continue to work, including at the legislative level, to improve the conditions for the return of companies to Russia, to ensure the stability of our financial system, a comfortable environment for business,” Gavrilov explained.

According to him, the head of state supported the developments of the deputies on the return of companies to the Russian economy. Among the main tasks is the creation of a national business that will receive guarantees of capital preservation, and profits will be able to invest in development, the parliamentarian pointed out.

“These measures will create a favorable economic climate within the country. Therefore, companies need to leave jurisdictions that not only served the flight of capital from Russia and specially created profit centers abroad, and then there were stories like with Cypriot offshore companies, but also, under the pretext of sanctions, limited transfers, blocked the accounts and assets of Russian companies. This will stimulate domestic investment, start the process of economic growth and improve the standard of living of the majority of Russian citizens,” Gavrilov added.

Earlier that day, during his address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian leader drew attention to the need to strengthen the preventive measure against illegal actions in the economic sphere, revising some of the criminal law. He called for the withdrawal of Russian business from offshore companies and more active movement towards decriminalization.

In addition, the president proposed establishing insurance coverage for voluntary pension savings at the level of 2.8 million rubles.

At the same time, Putin stressed that Russia has managed to reach a completely new level of economic development. He pointed to the lack of effect from the sanctions policy of the West, since the Russian economy and governance system turned out to be much stronger.

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