The Trinamool government has embezzled the housing scheme funds sent by the Prime Minister: Agnimitra Pal


Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari: West Bengal’s Asansol South BJP MLA Agnimitra Pal says that the government of Maa Mati Manush was put on the head of the public and she came to the government in the wave of change. Today, within 11 years, the government of Maa Mati Manush is completely involved in corruption. The leaders and ministers of this government have embezzled even the rupees of the housing scheme for the poor sent by the Prime Minister to Bengal, but the poor have not been able to get their shelter. This is the condition of Bengal. The people of the state will once again merge the government of Maa Mati Manush into the soil. Again the conch shell of change will sound in the state and this time BJP will come in this wave and will develop Bengal. Bengal will develop under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Bengal will develop under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

During the election campaign in support of BJP candidates in Kankasa Gopalpur Gram Panchayat area of ​​West Burdwan district, Agnimitra Pal said that the leaders of this government have belched even the money for the mid-day meal. Not only this, the ministers, leaders and workers of this government have also squandered the money for the schemes of the central government. Today women are forced to defecate in the open in the fields. This government has also eaten the money of defecation. The villagers are forced to drink water. Forced to the ceiling. This is the development of this government. Agnimitra Pal said that this time the people of the state will uproot this government.

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State of chaos in the entire state due to Trinamool’s dictatorship

Agnimitra Pal said that due to the dictatorial system of the Trinamool government, a situation of anarchy has been established in the entire state. Police has become a cadre of Trinamool. Police is working on the behest of Trinamool. BJP leaders are being targeted. In the last panchayat elections, the leaders of the opposition party were not even allowed to file their nomination papers. This government had looted the rights of the people. This time the public will give its answer in the panchayat elections. BJP MLA from Durgapur Lakhan Gharui and other BJP leaders were present on the occasion.

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Sarcasm on Trinamool youth leader Sayoni Ghosh

BJP MLA Agnimitra Pal strongly attacked Trinamool youth leader Sayoni Ghosh for not being present in the ED office. Mamta Banerjee has opened a coaching center to teach theft. Sayoni did a short course there. And in that coaching center there were big robbers like Anubrata Mandal and Partha Chatterjee. Incidentally, Sayoni Ghosh contested and lost against BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal in Asansol South Center in the 2021 assembly elections.

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